Who Can You Trust?

Trust few and fear all in a collection of films packed with suspense, paranoia and conspiracy.

Explore erotic thrillers, racial politics, espionage, fake news, queer characters and femmes fatales in our selection of nail-biting and disturbing films.

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The Origin of EvilThe Origin of Evil

Thriller2022123 minsDirector: Sébastien Marnier

Laure Calamy stars in this devious, involving French thriller by Sébastien Marnier, playing an outsider tangled in a web of upper-class family malice.

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Gassed UpGassed Up

Drama2023102 minsDirector: George Amponsah

A group of London teenage boys turn to motorbike crime for survival in George Amponsah’s high-octane follow-up to The Hard Stop.

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Historical drama2023121 minsDirector: Michael Winterbottom

A young Jewish woman’s relationship with a British policeman stationed in British Mandatory Palestine has lasting consequences for the region in Michael Winterbottom's powerful thriller.

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Anatomy of a FallAnatomy of a Fall

Crime2023152 minsDirector: Justine Triet

Justine Triet's gripping, Palme d'Or-winning psycho-thriller is deeply intelligent with a spellbinding performance from Sandra Hüller.

Rent for £3.50

Mulholland Dr.Mulholland Dr.

Thriller2001142 minsDirector: David Lynch

David Lynch’s beautifully baffling, surreal psychological thriller.

Rent for £3.50

Dead RingersDead Ringers

Horror1988116 minsDirector: David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg's multi award-winning psychological thriller exploring the bizarre lives of identical twins Elliot and Beverly, both played by Jeremy Irons.

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Master GardenerMaster Gardener

Drama2022111 mins

Joel Edgerton stars as a meticulous horticulturalist with a dark past, in Paul Schrader’s creeping gritty thriller.

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Thriller2017108 minsDirector: Coralie Fargeat

Coralie Fargeat's gloriously bloody tale of one woman's retribution; a razor-sharp feminist subversion of the revenge-thriller.

Rent for £3.50

The NoviceThe Novice

Drama202197 minsDirector: Lauren Hadaway

In this electrifying debut from Lauren Hadaway, a woman joins her university rowing team and becomes obsessed with being the best, no matter the cost.

Rent for £3.50

Knives OutKnives Out

Thriller2019130 minsDirector: Rian Johnson

Daniel Craig is the Kentucky Fried Poirot with all-star suspects - Chris Evans, Ana de Armas and Toni Collette among them - in this nimble and brilliant crime caper.

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Get CarterGet Carter

Gangster1971112 minsDirector: Mike Hodges

In this moody classic, Michael Caine stars as a gangster investigating the death of his brother.

Rent for £3.50

The Third MurderThe Third Murder

Crime2017125 minsDirector: Hirokazu Koreeda

A clear-cut murder case is revealed to be much more layered than it first appears, in this gripping and intelligent crime drama from Palme d'Or-winning director Hirokazu Koreeda.

Rent for £3.50

Open Your EyesOpen Your Eyes

Thriller1997119 minsDirector: Alejandro Amenábar

Alejandro Amenabar’s signature science-fiction drama follows a young man who falls for his dream woman, before he is disfigured in an accident.

Rent for £3.50

The Crying GameThe Crying Game

Drama1992112 minsDirector: Neil Jordan

Neil Jordan's acclaimed 1992 drama-mystery tells the story of Fergus (Stephen Rea), who looks after the lover (Jaye Davidson) of a British soldier he once knew. But what is Dil hiding?

Rent for £3.50

The LighthouseThe Lighthouse

Drama2015102 minsDirector: Chris Crow

Based on a true story, Chris Crow’s atmospheric chamber piece follows the dark and dire fortunes of two men trapped on a lighthouse for months on end.

Rent for £3.50

American PsychoAmerican Psycho

Drama2000102 minsDirector: Mary Harron

Christian Bale slays his competition in this chilling satire set in ‘80s Wall Street.

Rent for £3.50

Boiling PointBoiling Point

Drama202095 minsDirector: Philip Baranttini

An emotionally scarred London chef (Stephen Graham) struggles to keep it together in this formally extraordinary and beautifully acted single-take thriller.

Rent for £3.50


Science Fiction2013126 minsDirector: Bong Joon-ho

After a global catastrophe launches the world into a new ice age, the last of humanity are trapped on a high-speed train that circles the globe infinitely.

Rent for £3.50

Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyTinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Thriller2011127 minsDirector: Tomas Alfredson

Gary Oldman leads an all-star cast, including Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy, in this acclaimed adaptation of John Le Carré's esteemed spy novel.

Rent for £3.50

Deepwater HorizonDeepwater Horizon

Action and Adventure2016107 minsDirector: Peter Berg

Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell and John Malkovich bring to life the devastating oil-rig disaster in this intelligent and incendiary eco-thriller.

Rent for £3.50

Hard CandyHard Candy

2005100 minsDirector: David Slade

Elliot Page became an indie sensation as the teenage vigilante trying to trap a predatory older man, in David Slade's smart psychological thriller.

Rent for £2.50

Funny Games U.S.Funny Games U.S.

Horror2008107 minsDirector: Michael Haneke

Michael Haneke’s English-language remake of his earlier, Austrian film is both a shocking home-invasion thriller and a potent commentary on cinematic violence.

Rent for £3.50

Harry BrownHarry Brown

Crime2009103 minsDirector: Daniel Barber

Michael Caine’s storming return to an action role finds him as a retired marine confronting local hoodlums on his housing estate.

Rent for £3.50

You Were Never Really HereYou Were Never Really Here

Thriller201790 minsDirector: Lynne Ramsay

Lynne Ramsay journeys with Joaquin Phoenix into the mind of an ex-soldier gun-for-hire whose own demons are as brutal as the actions of his adversaries.

Rent for £3.50

Catch Me DaddyCatch Me Daddy

Thriller2015112 minsDirector: Daniel Wolfe and Matthew Wolfe

A young couple whose relationship has divided a community are forced on the run through the streets and moors of nocturnal Yorkshire.

Rent for £3.50

She WillShe Will

Thriller202196 minsDirector: Charlotte Colbert

In Charlotte Colbert’s strikingly gothic film, an ageing actor recovering from a mastectomy taps into a mysterious power at a remote Scottish retreat.

Rent for £3.50

Tom at the FarmTom at the Farm

Drama2013103 minsDirector: Xavier Dolan-Tadros

Dark psychosexual thriller from prodigious Canadian director Xavier Dolan, following a young man who finds himself embroiled in a dangerous game of deception.

Rent for £3.50

The VillainessThe Villainess

Thriller2017124 minsDirector: Jung Byung-gil

Jung Byung-gil's superb, hyper-kinetic action thriller follows a female assassin who takes a new identity but finds her past life inescapable.

Rent for £3.50

The FeverThe Fever

Thriller202098 minsDirector: Maya Werneck Da-Rin

Justino, a 45-year-old Desana native, is a security guard at the Manaus harbor. As his daughter prepares to study medicine in Brasilia, Justino is taken over by a mysterious fever.

Rent for £3.50

Kill ListKill List

Crime201192 minsDirector: Ben Wheatley

Ben Wheatley’s ultra-violent second feature, invoking both The Wicker Man and Apocalypse Now.

Rent for £3.50


Thriller201796 minsDirector: Felix Randau

Revenge is served ice-cold in this visceral thriller, in which a neolithic hunter seeks vengeance against those who decimated his tribe.

Rent for £3.50


Thriller2018148 minsDirector: Lee Chang-dong

Lee Chang-dong (Poetry) returns with this spellbinding, richly complex thriller about obsession, class conflict and suppressed male rage.

Rent for £3.50

The CourierThe Courier

Drama2020112 minsDirector: Dominic Cooke

Benedict Cumberbatch is gripping in this true-life spy thriller charting the story of unassuming British businessman Greville Wynne as he is recruited into the Cold War effort.

Currently unavailable

The Skin I Live InThe Skin I Live In

Drama2011120 minsDirector: Pedro Almodóvar

Pedro Almodóvar's excursion into hysterical horror is a perverse and unsettling drama about a disturbed surgeon who keeps a woman hostage.

Rent for £3.50


Crime201780 minsDirector: Travis Mathews

From the director of Interior. Leather Bar. comes this eerie and powerful psychological thriller that offers a disturbing insight into the dark heart of Trump’s America.

Rent for £3.50

The Age of ShadowsThe Age of Shadows

Action and Adventure2016140 minsDirector: Kim Jee-woon

Kim Jee-woon’s stunning, seductive and serpentine action thriller set during Japan’s occupation of Korea.

Rent for £3.50


Crime2015121 minsDirector: Denis Villeneuve

Emily Blunt plays the FBI agent enlisted for a special operation against Mexican cartels, in this pulsatingly tense thriller from Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Prisoners).

Rent for £3.50

Sicario 2: SoldadoSicario 2: Soldado

Action and Adventure2018122 minsDirector: Stefano Sollima

Pulsating sequel to the acclaimed drug-cartel thriller, which sees federal agent Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) re-teaming with the enigmatic Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro).

Rent for £3.50

Racer and the JailbirdRacer and the Jailbird

Thriller2017130 minsDirector: Michaël R. Roskam

Adèle Exarchopoulos (Blue is the Warmest Colour) and Matthias Schoenaerts (A Bigger Splash) are lovers entangled in a world of crime in this tough, twisty thriller-romance

Rent for £3.50


Thriller201787 minsDirector: Joe Ahearne

In this deliciously entertaining thriller, a gay couple return to a B&B to bait its Christian owner, only to run into trouble when an altogether more imposing guest arrives.

Rent for £3.50

Les MisérablesLes Misérables

Thriller2019104 minsDirector: Ladj Ly

Ladj Ly’s extraordinary Cannes Jury Prize-winning debut obliterates the myth of cultural integration in France.

Rent for £3.50

The Man BetweenThe Man Between

Drama1953102 minsDirector: Carol Reed

Carol Reed follows Odd Man Out and The Third Man with this thriller starring James Mason and Claire Bloom set in post-war Berlin.

Rent for £3.50


Thriller201499 minsDirector: Yann Demange

A young British squaddie is caught behind enemy lines in bomb-torn Belfast, in Yann Demange’s riveting suspense thriller.

Rent for £3.50


Crime202188 minsDirector: Paul Andrew Williams

After ten years’ absence, a vicious gangster (Neil Maskell) returns to his old stomping ground to find his son and take revenge on the gang that double-crossed him.

Rent for £3.50

Night MovesNight Moves

Thriller2013113 minsDirector: Kelly Reichardt

Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning star in a taut political thriller about radical environmentalists planning to commit an act of eco-terrorism.

Rent for £3.50


Science Fiction199784 minsDirector: Darren Aronofsky

Darren Aronofsky’s magisterial monochrome mystery concerns a mathematician whose discovery of a powerful number leads to the dark side.

Rent for £3.50


Documentary201792 minsDirector: Alexandre O. Philippe

This superb, in-depth documentary devotes 90 minutes to analysing one of cinema’s most famous sequences – the shower scene in Psycho.

Rent for £3.50


Drama201485 minsDirector: Steven Knight

Tom Hardy commands the screen as the only star of Steven Knight’s bold, mesmeric drama, which is set entirely in a car and unfolds in real time.

Rent for £3.50


Drama2016103 minsDirector: Omer Fast

Omer Fast’s gripping puzzle-box thriller about an amnesiac reconstructing his elusive past.

Rent for £3.50

Brighton RockBrighton Rock

Thriller194893 minsDirector: John Boulting

Richard Attenborough’s unforgettably sinister turn as ‘Pinkie’ pervades this classic adaptation of the Graham Greene novel.

Rent for £3.50


Thriller201894 minsDirector: Amanda Kramer

Welcome to Ladyworld, a shadowy dwelling where tensions run high and nothing is ever quite what it seems.

Rent for £3.50

The WaveThe Wave

Disaster2015105 minsDirector: Roar Uthaug

Seismic rumblings in the Norwegian fjords threaten to start a chain reaction that will destroy the local area. Can it be stopped in time?

Rent for £3.50

Patriots DayPatriots Day

Thriller2016133 minsDirector: Peter Berg

A nerve-shreddingly intense, multi-stranded account of the Boston marathon bombings of 2013 and the race-against-time to find the perpetrators.

Rent for £3.50


Thriller2013100 minsDirector: Steve Knight

An alcoholic ex-special forces soldier (Jason Statham), down on his luck, assumes another man’s identity and pursues redemption.

Rent for £3.50


Drama201498 minsDirector: Christian Petzold

Nina Hoss is superb as concentration camp survivor who assumes a new identity, in Christian Petzold’s intricate post-WWII thriller.

Rent for £3.50

Green RoomGreen Room

Thriller201595 minsDirector: Jeremy Saulnier

A punk band becomes besieged in the backstage hideaway of a hideous neo-Nazi club, in this gloriously tense shocker from the director of Blue Ruin.

Rent for £3.50

Hounds of LoveHounds of Love

Horror2016108 minsDirector: Ben Young

A young woman tries to escape her sadistic kidnappers, in this bold and brutal Australian thriller.

Currently unavailable

The Little StrangerThe Little Stranger

Horror2018111 minsDirector: Lenny Abrahamson

Lenny Abrahamson (Room, Frank) directs this Gothic mystery, with Domhnall Gleeson as a doctor helping the heir of a haunted stately home (Ruth Wilson).

Rent for £3.50


Thriller201598 minsDirector: Alice Winocour

A broken soldier guards a tycoon's family in this involving thriller with hints of Taxi Driver, starring Matthias Schoenaerts and Diane Kruger.

Rent for £3.50


Horror2010114 minsDirector: Philip Ridley

Philip Ridley’s stunning comeback film charts a lonely photographer’s battles with demons amid a haunting East London.

Rent for £3.50

The Small World of Sammy LeeThe Small World of Sammy Lee

Drama1963107 minsDirector: Ken Hughes

Seedy Soho strip-club compere Sammy (Anthony Newley) races to escape the heavies who hunt him in this gritty, engrossing 1960s London thriller.

Rent for £3.50

The Green CockatooThe Green Cockatoo

Action and Adventure194064 minsDirector: William Cameron Menzies

From an original scenario by Graham Greene, this is a neat crime thriller about a girl (René Ray) who witnesses a murder, becomes a suspect herself, and gets mixed up with a sleazy Soho gangster (John Mills).

Rent for £3.50

Poison PenPoison Pen

Drama193979 minsDirector: Paul L. Stein

The rural idyll of a small English village is torn apart by slanderous letters

Rent for £3.50

The Black PantherThe Black Panther

Drama197797 minsDirector: Ian Merrick

Gripping crime drama charts the killing spree which Donald Neilson, aka the Black Panther, perpetrated across England during the mid-70s.

Rent for £3.50


Crime198597 minsDirector: Jim Goddard

Thrilling crime drama about a businessman who survives a kidnapping and seeks out those who captured him.

Rent for £3.50

The Nile Hilton IncidentThe Nile Hilton Incident

Crime2017111 minsDirector: Tarik Saleh

A murder investigation is mired by bureaucratic corruption in this dark Egyptian thriller, where everyone is on the make.

Rent for £3.50

The October ManThe October Man

Drama194795 minsDirector: Roy Ward Baker

Roy Ward Baker directs John Mills and Joan Greenwood in this mystery noir about an amnesiac implicated in the murder of a young woman.

Rent for £3.50

Temptation HarbourTemptation Harbour

Crime1947102 minsDirector: Lance Comfort

Dark thriller based on a novel by Georges Simenon

Rent for £3.50

The Long Dark HallThe Long Dark Hall

Crime195188 minsDirector: Anthony Bushell and Reginald Beck

This British noir delivers a disquieting story of obsession and manipulation, with Rex Harrison as a man accused of murdering his mistress.

Rent for £3.50

The Blue LampThe Blue Lamp

Police drama195085 minsDirector: Basil Dearden

Dirk Bogarde stars as a loose-cannon crook with Dixon of Dock Green (Jack Warner) on his tail, in the classic Ealing policier.

Rent for £3.50

Mask of DustMask of Dust

Drama195479 minsDirector: Terence Fisher

Rev up your engines for high-octane thrills and spills with this oil-spattered motor racing drama from Hammer Films

Rent for £3.50


Crime195068 minsDirector: John Guillermin

A mad mystery novelist decides to murder his long-suffering secretary in this macabre British B Picture from distinguished director John Guillermin.

Rent for £3.50

Mine Own ExecutionerMine Own Executioner

Drama1948109 minsDirector: Anthony Kimmins

Burgess Meredith stars in this powerful psychological drama, as a psychiatrist struggling with his own inner demons who's enlisted to treat a traumatised WWII veteran.

Rent for £3.50

Hidden CityHidden City

Thriller1987108 minsDirector: Stephen Poliakoff

Charles Dance stars in Stephen Poliakoff’s debut feature film about a writer whose research uncovers a conspiracy of hidden artefacts.

Rent for £2.50

The Glass CageThe Glass Cage

Thriller195559 minsDirector: Montgomery Tully

Like a 1950s David Blaine, The Great Sepolio starves in a glass tomb while a murderer is on the loose.

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