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The Novice 15 rating

In this electrifying debut from Lauren Hadaway, a woman joins her university rowing team and becomes obsessed with being the best, no matter the cost.

Drama 2021 97 mins

Director: Lauren Hadaway



When she starts her first year at a prestigious college, all Alex (Isabelle Fuhrman) wants is to be the best at everything she does. So, when she joins the rowing team what starts off as a way to blow off steam quickly spirals into obsession. Enthralled by the top varsity team, Alex pushes herself to gruelling lengths physically and mentally to make their level. As her relationships with friends and her girlfriend fade into the background, all that matters is her unwavering dedication to rowing. In this bold debut, Hadaway combines the frenetic energy of Whiplash (which she worked on as a sound editor) with an unflinching, often graphic exploration of mental health and self-harm, creating a gripping film.