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The Great EscaperThe Great Escaper

Drama202396 minsDirector: Oliver Parker

Michael Caine and the late Glenda Jackson deliver superb performances in this heart-warming story of a war veteran’s escape from his care home to join the 70th anniversary of the D-day landings in Normandy.

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Comedy2023103 minsDirector: Christian Petzold

Self-important novelist Leon holidays as a forest fire rages nearby, in Christian Petzold’s humorous take on finding meaning in our lives against a backdrop of existential peril.

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I Know Where I'm Going!I Know Where I'm Going!

Drama194590 minsDirector: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger

Powell and Pressburger’s heady romantic masterpiece has never looked or sounded finer than in this revelatory restoration from the BFI National Archive.

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Joy RideJoy Ride

Comedy202395 minsDirector: Adele Lim

Four unlikely friends embark on a once-in-a-lifetime international adventure in this riotous and unapologetically explicit story of identity and self-discovery.

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A Canterbury TaleA Canterbury Tale

War1944125 minsDirector: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger

Powell and Pressburger's most personal film combines a Chaucer-inspired pilgrimage with a war-time celebration of English landscape and values to create a gem of British cinema.

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Lie with MeLie with Me

Drama202298 minsDirector: Olivier Peyon

Olivier Peyon’s captivating drama finds an author experiencing powerful emotions as he looks back to his first, youthful love affair.

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Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

Drama2023106 minsDirector: Kelly Fremon Craig

This timeless coming-of-age story, lovingly adapted from Judy Blume’s classic novel, is a humorous, insightful and candid exploration of life’s biggest questions.

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Golden DeliciousGolden Delicious

Romance2022120 minsDirector: Jason Karman

An Asian Canadian teenager grapples with his identity when he falls for the boy next door in this sweet rites-of-passage drama.

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Drama202299 minsDirector: Welby Ings

New Zealand filmmaker Welby Ings’ powerful film is a beautifully shot and moving story about finding queer love and identity in the face of overwhelming odds.

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Drama202283 minsDirector: Tina Satter

Tina Satter uses dialogue taken directly from an FBI transcript of the real-life interrogation of Reality Winner (Sydney Sweeney), in this nail-biting directorial debut.

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Master GardenerMaster Gardener

Drama2022111 minsDirector: Paul Schrader

Joel Edgerton stars as a meticulous horticulturalist with a dark past, in Paul Schrader’s creeping gritty thriller.

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Apocalypse NowApocalypse Now

War1979141 minsDirector: Francis Ford Coppola

Transplanting Joseph Conrad’s colonial-era novel Heart of Darkness to Vietnam, Coppola created a mesmerising fantasia on the spectacle of war.

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Angelheaded HipsterAngelheaded Hipster

Biopic202399 minsDirector: Ethan Silverman

Stomping documentary celebrating the revolutionary music of Glam Rock pioneer Marc Bolan and T. Rex, combining archive footage with new musical interpretations by renowned contemporary artists.

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Triangle of SadnessTriangle of Sadness

Comedy2022148 minsDirector: Ruben Östlund

Riotously funny with a barbed wire-sharp wit, Academy Award and BAFTA-nominated Triangle of Sadness garnered Ruben Östlund (The Square, Force Majeure) his second Cannes Palme d’Or award.

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Drama197598 minsDirector: Peter Hall

Peter Hall’s extraordinary, long-unseen work of sublime poetic realism traces three generations of one Suffolk family and their lives in the farming industry.

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Drama2022129 minsDirector: Hirokazu Koreeda

A young mother leaves her baby at a church, unaware that black marketeers intend to sell it on to the highest bidder, in Hirokazu Koreeda’s Cannes-winning drama.

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His LordshipHis Lordship

Comedy193273 minsDirector: Michael Powell

A plumber discovers to his horror that he is, in fact, a hereditary Lord in Michael Powell's riotous satirical musical.

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Withnail & IWithnail & I

Comedy1988107 minsDirector: Bruce Robinson

Richard E. Grant steals the show in the indomitable cult classic following two washed-up actors as they embark on a booze-filled getaway to the Lake District.

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