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Henry Glassie: Field WorkHenry Glassie: Field Work

Documentary2019105 minsDirector: Pat Collins

Director Pat Collins’ sublime portrait of the renowned American folklorist and ethnologist, Henry Glassie, who has spent a half century documenting the artistic processes of traditional craftspeople.

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Sequin in a Blue RoomSequin in a Blue Room

Drama201980 minsDirector: Samuel Van Grinsven

Sexual obsessions spiral dangerously out of control in this altogether different coming-of-age tale.

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A Common Crime [Un crimen común]A Common Crime [Un crimen común]

Drama202096 minsDirector: Francisco Márquez

There are echoes of Lucrecia Martel’s The Headless Woman in this gripping tale of class divisions and ethical responsibility in contemporary Argentina.

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Drama2020116 minsDirector: Lee Isaac Chung

Lee Isaac Chung's sweeping story of a Korean-American family in search of the American Dream, winner of two Sundance prizes and now nominated for six Academy Awards.

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T11 IncompleteT11 Incomplete

Drama2020104 minsDirector: Suzanne Guacci

Past mistakes haunt the present and threaten a new love affair between an older woman and her patient in this compelling melodrama.

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Drama201996 minsDirector: Antoneta Kastrati

Haunted by her long-suppressed past, a Kosovar woman struggles to reconcile the expectations of motherhood with a legacy of wartime brutality.

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He Dreams of GiantsHe Dreams of Giants

Documentary202083 minsDirector: Keith Fulton

Terry Gilliam battles with obsession and self-doubt in this poignant, insightful documentary on the making of his long-anticipated screen adaptation of Don Quixote.

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Biopic2020118 minsDirector: Francis Lee

Francis Lee follows up God’s Own Country with a film that is every bit as immersive, tactile and emotionally powerful, aided by the devastatingly good Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan.

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Memories of a TeenagerMemories of a Teenager

Drama201997 minsDirector: Lucas Santa Ana

An Argentine teenager finds life and love difficult following the death of his gay best friend, in this powerful recreation of adolescence.

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Judas and the Black MessiahJudas and the Black Messiah

Drama2021125 minsDirector: Shaka King

Daniel Kaluuya is electrifying as Fred Hampton, leader of the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther party, in Shaka King's visceral crime thriller and immersive slice of American history.

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Documentary202072 minsDirector: Elizabeth Lo

A soulful new voice emerges in Elizabeth Lo’s evocative award-winning debut documentary, which details life on the streets of Istanbul from the perspective of the city’s stray dogs.

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The Earth AsleepThe Earth Asleep

Documentary202180 minsDirector: Clara Casian

Poignant film by artist filmmaker Clara Casian addressing the aftermath and extreme trauma of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

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Poly Styrene: I Am A ClichéPoly Styrene: I Am A Cliché

Documentary202196 minsDirector: Celeste Bell

The death of punk icon and X-Ray Spex frontwoman Poly Styrene sends her daughter on a journey through her mother’s archives in this intimate documentary.

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The Cannibal ClubThe Cannibal Club

Comedy201881 minsDirector: Guto Parente

The wealthy elite feed off the lower classes in a deliciously twisted Brazilian social satire that’s definitely not for the squeamish.

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Drama201784 minsDirector: Mazen Khaled

The sudden death of a young man has a profound impact on those around him in this experiential contemplation of grief and loss.

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Saint MaudSaint Maud

Horror201981 minsDirector: Rose Glass

A mysterious nurse becomes dangerously obsessed with saving the soul of her dying patient in director Rose Glass’ divine debut.

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IWOW: I Walk on WaterIWOW: I Walk on Water

Documentary2020199 minsDirector: Khalik Allah

The monumental new diary film from New York-based director and photographer Khalik Allah.

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Science Fiction2019102 minsDirector: Justin Benson

Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan star as a pair of New Orleans paramedics who encounter a series of bizarre deaths linked to a new designer drug with otherworldly effects.

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Baby DoneBaby Done

Comedy202091 minsDirector: Curtis Vowell

When couple Tim and Zoe find out they're expecting, their approaches couldn't be more different. Tim runs towards fatherhood with joy, while Zoe is more hesitant, this heartfelt comedy takes their relationship to uncharted territory.

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White Colour BlackWhite Colour Black

Drama201683 minsDirector: Joseph A. Adesunloye

A young mixed heritage man confronts the psychological complexities of his identity in this essential, truly cinematic discovery for anyone interested in Black British cinema.

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A Glitch in the MatrixA Glitch in the Matrix

Documentary2020109 minsDirector: Rodney Ascher

What if we are living in a simulation, and the world as we know it is not real? Acclaimed documentarian Rodney Ascher (Room 237) dives down the rabbit hole of science, philosophy, and conspiracy theory.

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The Capote TapesThe Capote Tapes

Documentary201995 minsDirector: Ebs Burnough

This intimate documentary reveals the rise and fall of Truman Capote, one of America’s most iconic writers.

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Documentary2020104 minsDirector: Ryan White

Extraordinary documentary of the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, half-brother of North Korea’s Leader Kim Jon Un, that sparked a worldwide media frenzy.

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23 Walks23 Walks

Romance2019102 minsDirector: Paul Morrison

Two older strangers, both bruised by former relationships, start a tentative new romance in this tender drama starring Dave Johns and Alison Steadman.

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