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Documentary201986 minsDirector: Ljubomir Stefanov

When a nomadic family move in and break Honeyland’s basic rule, the last female wild beekeeper in Europe must save the bees and restore natural balance.

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Pain and GloryPain and Glory

Drama2019113 minsDirector: Pedro Almodóvar

In one of his most personal works, Pedro Almodóvar presents a vivid portrait of a filmmaker confronting age-related anxieties.

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Drama201886 minsDirector: Camilla Strøm Henriksen

Camilla Strøm Henriksen’s astute and atmospheric adolescent drama follows a young girl having to grow up quickly in an intensely adult world.

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Comedy2019109 minsDirector: Sophie Hyde

Sophie Hyde's joyous ode to female friendship stars Holliday Grainger and Alia Shawkat as two 30-something women navigating booze, boyfriends, wild nights and blurry mornings.

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The Shiny ShrimpsThe Shiny Shrimps

Comedy2018103 minsDirector: Cédric Le Gallo

After making a homophobic remark on live TV, an Olympic champion swimmer is given a chance at redemption by coaching a water polo team to the world’s biggest LGBTQ+ sporting event, the Gay Games.

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Sea SorrowSea Sorrow

Documentary201773 minsDirector: Vanessa Redgrave

Vanessa Redgrave makes her directorial debut with this impassioned documentary about the ongoing refugee crisis.

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The NightingaleThe Nightingale

Period drama2018136 minsDirector: Jennifer Kent

A young Irish convict enlists the help of an Aboriginal tracker in her quest for vengeance, in this ferociously powerful revenge drama from Jennifer Kent (The Babadook).

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Dirty GodDirty God

Drama2019104 minsDirector: Sacha Polak

A young mother (Vicky Knight) tries to recover from an acid attack in Sacha Polak's vivid and vital drama.

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Drama201990 minsDirector: Rashaad Ernesto Green

Budding writer Ayanna’s life is transformed over the course of one hot Harlem summer, when a handsome and mysterious stranger walks into her life.

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The Dead Don't DieThe Dead Don't Die

Horror2019104 minsDirector: Jim Jarmusch

Bill Murray, Adam Driver and Tilda Swinton lead this star-studded, bonkers addition to the zombie canon from cult director Jim Jarmusch.

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Blinded by the LightBlinded by the Light

Comedy2019118 minsDirector: Gurinder Chadha

In 1987 during the austere days of Thatcher's Britain, a teenager learns to live life, understand his family and find his own voice through the music of Bruce Springsteen.

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QT8: The First EightQT8: The First Eight

Documentary2019101 minsDirector: Tara Wood

There will always be blood, brilliance and controversy: the legendary story of Hollywood 's modern genius, Quentin Tarantino.

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Mystify: Michael HutchenceMystify: Michael Hutchence

Documentary2019102 minsDirector: Richard Lowenstein

Capturing his rise to super-stardom and subsequent tragic fall, Mystify gives remarkable insight into INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence and a truth he took to the grave.

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Men of Hard SkinMen of Hard Skin

Drama201995 minsDirector: José Celestino Campusano

A history of abuse is uncovered in this provocative and challenging coming-of-age drama from Argentina.

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Mrs Lowry & SonMrs Lowry & Son

Biopic201892 minsDirector: Adrian Noble

Timothy Spall brings to life beloved British artist L. S. Lowry, as he struggles with his relationship to his bed-ridden, bitter and overbearing mother (Vanessa Redgrave).

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The Blonde OneThe Blonde One

Drama2019111 minsDirector: Marco Berger

A tentative friendship blossoms into a beautiful romance in this erotically-charged yet disarmingly sweet-natured offering from Marco Berger (Taekwondo).

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Jonathan Agassi Saved My LifeJonathan Agassi Saved My Life

Documentary2018106 minsDirector: Tomer Heymann

The private life of a renowned gay porn legend is laid bare in this intimate and insightful documentary.

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Drama1972123 minsDirector: Federico Fellini

Federico Fellini's Oscar®-winning reminiscence of his Rimini childhood during the fascist years.

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Diego MaradonaDiego Maradona

Documentary2019124 minsDirector: Asif Kapadia

The supreme football superstar is the latest subject for acclaimed filmmaker Asif Kapadia (Amy, Senna), as he deftly explores the complicated dynamic between Diego the man and Maradona the icon.

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Drama201888 minsDirector: Soheil Beiraghi

Powerful and piercing story of an Iranian Futsal star who is refused permission from her husband to attend an international tournament.

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Pin CushionPin Cushion

Drama201782 minsDirector: Deborah Haywood

Lyn (Joanna Scanlan) and Iona (Lily Newmark) are excited to be starting afresh in a new town, but trouble comes along when Iona becomes besties with the local mean girls.

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Apollo 11Apollo 11

Documentary201993 minsDirector: Todd Douglas Miller

Astonishing documentary about the 1969 lunar mission, crafted from a newly discovered trove of spectacular, pristine 65mm footage.

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The Amazing Johnathan DocumentaryThe Amazing Johnathan Documentary

Documentary201991 minsDirector: Benjamin Berman

A fascinating documentary about the famed comic-magician John Edward Szeles as he makes a surprising comeback.

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Vita & VirginiaVita & Virginia

Romance2018110 minsDirector: Chanya Button

Gemma Arterton and Elizabeth Debicki relive a literary love affair, fiery and forbidden, with a remarkable legacy.

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