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Drama2022143 minsDirector: Hlynur Pálmason

With his third feature, Hlynur Pálmason (A White, White Day) delivers a breathtakingly inventive and ambitious historical epic, set in mid-19th-century Iceland.

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The Night of the 12thThe Night of the 12th

Drama2022114 minsDirector: Dominik Moll

A newly promoted detective is assigned to a young woman’s chilling murder in this deeply arresting crime thriller based on true events.

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Comedy202390 minsDirector: Charlotte Regan

A gorgeous and colourful heart-warming gem from Charlotte Regan, one of the best new voices in British film.

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The BeastsThe Beasts

Drama2022138 minsDirector: Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Denis Ménochet (Peter von Kant) stars as a small-town farmer whose idyllic lifestyle turns into a living nightmare, in this rivetingly structured, slow-burn thriller.

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A White, White DayA White, White Day

Drama2019109 minsDirector: Hlynur Pálmason

Iceland’s finest actor Ingvar Sigurðsson gives a heart-breaking and Cannes award-winning performance as widowed cop who becomes increasingly obsessed with his wife’s death.

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Plan 75Plan 75

Drama2022113 minsDirector: Chie Hayakawa

Faced with a rapidly ageing population, a government in near-future Japan rolls out an unsettling agenda.

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Science Fiction202279 minsDirector: Andrew Legge

Two sisters in WWII Britain invent a machine that can decode TV broadcasts from the future, in this irresistible found-footage sci-fi that buzzes with timeless ingenuity.

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Gregory's GirlGregory's Girl

Comedy198192 minsDirector: Bill Forsyth

The ultimate depiction of coming-of-age awkwardness, Bill Forsyth’s comedy about a teen who falls for the new female footballer on the school team.

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Cries and WhispersCries and Whispers

Drama197291 minsDirector: Ingmar Bergman

A dying woman (Harriet Andersson) is attended to in her rural mansion by her sisters, in Ingmar Bergman's vivid examination of the human soul.

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Great Yarmouth: Provisional FiguresGreat Yarmouth: Provisional Figures

Drama2023113 minsDirector: Marco Martins and Marco Martins

As Brexit looms on the horizon, hundreds of migrant workers arrive in the coastal town of Great Yarmouth looking for work, in Marco Martins’ damning depiction of immigrant life in a fracturing Britain.

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Bluebeard's CastleBluebeard's Castle

Performance196362 minsDirector: Michael Powell

Discover a ‘lost’ masterpiece from acclaimed director Michael Powell (The Red Shoes and Peeping Tom), with this stunning adaptation of Béla Bartok’s expressionist opera.

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Love LifeLove Life

Drama2022123 minsDirector: Koji Fukada

A couple find their relationship in a precarious state following a tragedy, in Kōji Fukada’s subtle portrait of the frailty of human relationships.

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The Edge of the WorldThe Edge of the World

Drama193775 minsDirector: Michael Powell

Michael Powell's daring, windswept story of the inhabitants of a remote island who find their way of life threatened by a rapidly industrialising world.

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Black God, White DevilBlack God, White Devil

Drama1964119 minsDirector: Glauber Rocha

Wanted for killing his boss, Manuel and his wife flee to a primordial violent region in Glauber Rocha's masterpiece and banner film of Brazil's Cinema Novo movement.

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Cairo ConspiracyCairo Conspiracy

Drama2022126 minsDirector: Tarik Saleh

A fisherman’s son is offered a place at a prestigious Islamic school in Cairo and finds himself drawn into a religious and political power struggle.

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De Humani Corporis FabricaDe Humani Corporis Fabrica

Documentary2022118 minsDirector: Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Verena Paravel

The psychedelic physicality of this mortal coil – journey into the systems that comprise the human body in this fascinating sensory experience.

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Drama2022128 minsDirector: Saim Sadiq

A conservative family in Pakistan is torn apart when a son falls in love with a transgender erotic dancer, in Saim Sadiq’s riveting queer drama.

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The Beta TestThe Beta Test

Horror202193 minsDirector: Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe

Indie actor-director Jim Cummings returns after his breakout hit Thunder Road with a pacey down-the-rabbit-hole thriller about a Hollywood talent agent who becomes ensnared in a sinister world of sex, lies and murder.

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Lunana: A Yak in the ClassroomLunana: A Yak in the Classroom

Drama2019109 minsDirector: Pawo Choyning Dorji

A city-loving teacher struggling for inspiration travels to the most remote school in the world in this quietly majestic Academy Award-nominated drama.

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Lady MacbethLady Macbeth

Period drama201789 minsDirector: William Oldroyd

Florence Pugh shines in this exceptional British debut of a young wife's need for freedom, whatever the cost.

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Sick of MyselfSick of Myself

Comedy202297 minsDirector: Kristoffer Borgli

She just did what! Attention-seeking Signe will do anything to keep the focus on herself, in this wildly demented comedy.

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Horror200494 minsDirector: Fabrice du Welz

An exceptionally creepy Belgian horror, in which a travelling entertainer is taken in by a local who nurtures a dangerous obsession.

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The Eight MountainsThe Eight Mountains

Drama2022147 minsDirector: Felix Van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch

An epic journey of friendship and self-discovery set against a magnificent and breath-taking Italian landscape, winner of the 2022 Cannes Jury Prize.

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Drama2014136 minsDirector: Andrey Zvyagintsev

Winner of Best Film at the 2014 London Film Festival, the latest film from Andrey Zvyagintsev (Elena) is a gripping study of corrupt politics in modern Russia.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image195648 minsDirector: Lorenza Mazzetti

Two deaf-mute dock workers eke out a humble East End existence in Lorenza Mazzetti's striking and poetic example of Free Cinema.

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La RondeLa Ronde

Drama195089 minsDirector: Max Ophuls

Ophuls’ exquisite, imaginative adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s play about a carousel of erotic encounters involving characters of different social status.

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Couscous (aka The Secret of the Grain)Couscous (aka The Secret of the Grain)

Drama2007155 minsDirector: Abdel Kechiche

Abdellatif Kechiche’s expansive ensemble comedy-drama about a North African dockside community, is a richly characterised and affectionate portrait of a port, a community, and a culture.

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Hotel SplendideHotel Splendide

Comedy193253 minsDirector: Michael Powell

Music hall veteran Jerry Verno stars as a lowly clerk who gets more than he bargained for when he inherits a hotel, in Michael Powell's charming comedy.

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The Night of the PartyThe Night of the Party

Crime193461 minsDirector: Michael Powell

Michael Powell’s fun stage adaptation about a murder at a society party, with characterful performances from its fine ensemble cast.

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Chameleon StreetChameleon Street

Comedy198995 minsDirector: Wendell Harris

Extraordinary, fictionalised account of real-life Michigan conman William Douglas Street which won the Grand Prix award at Sundance in 1990.

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She Dies TomorrowShe Dies Tomorrow

Drama202084 minsDirector: Amy Seimetz

Amy knows she's going to die tomorrow and her fear is contagious.

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French CancanFrench Cancan

Period drama1955104 minsDirector: Jean Renoir

Based on the story of Moulin Rouge founder Charles Zidler, Jean Renoir’s tale of an impresario’s commitment to his art is a masterpiece of Technicolor brilliance.

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Drama201482 minsDirector: Pawel Pawlikowski

The Best Film winner at the 2013 BFI London Film Festival is an exquisitely shot, moving drama about a Polish nun exploring her family past, from UK-based director Pawel Pawlikowski.

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Where Do We Go Now?Where Do We Go Now?

Comedy2011102 minsDirector: Nadine Labaki

A group of Lebanese women strive to smooth over the ever-rising religious tension between Christians and Muslims in their village.

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Drama201881 minsDirector: Leanne Welham

An HIV+ mother has a chance to turn her life around when she's offered a market stall, in Leanne Welham's extraordinary drama.

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The JokeThe Joke

Drama196981 minsDirector: Jaromil Jires

The great novelist Milan Kundera adapated his own novel for this tragi-comic story set against the backdrop of Stalinist repression in fifties Czechoslovakia

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The LoverThe Lover

Drama1992115 minsDirector: Jean-Jacques Annaud

Jean-Jacques Annaud's powerful, intimate, and sensual adaptation of the best-selling novel by Marguerite Duras.

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Love According to DalvaLove According to Dalva

Drama202288 minsDirector: Emmanuelle Nicot

Dalva is a 12-year-old girl who dresses and acts like a woman, blinded by her father's pernicious affections. After being taken into care, she has to learn to live like a child again, in this delicate, compassionate and powerful drama.

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Black Magic RitesBlack Magic Rites

Horror197398 minsDirector: Renato Polselli

Renato Polselli’s delirious masterpiece of erotic horror, about a woman who inherits a castle that harbous an occult sect.

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Toxic LoveToxic Love

Drama198389 minsDirector: Claudio Caligari

A group of heroin addicts in Rome spend their time relentlessly pursuing funds for their next score, in Claudio Caligari’s uncompromising portrayal of drug addiction in 1980s Italy, long unavailable in the UK.

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Crime193246 minsDirector: Michael Powell

Michael Powell’s earliest existing film is a twisty thriller crafted with a bold visual style that is unmistakeably influenced by Fritz Lang.

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Thriller2019111 minsDirector: Gerard Johnson

A directionless call centre salesman gets more than he bargained for when he joins a local gym, in Gerard Johnson's stunning dissection of masculinity.