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Those long, hot, liberating weeks of summer give great filmmakers time to unwind.  Unfamiliar places, ill-advised love, childish games and adult desires all play out beneath a dizzying sun. When autumn arrives, these characters from Ové, Hansen-Løve, Godard, Letts and many others, are emphatically changed.

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The Florida ProjectThe Florida Project

Drama2017112 minsDirector: Sean Baker

Tangerine director Sean Baker presents another visionary take on the wild ups and dangerous downs of life in America’s underbelly, featuring an Oscar-nominated turn from Willem Dafoe.

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One LoveOne Love

Romance200596 minsDirector: Rick Elgood and Don Letts

Rick Elgood and the legendary Don Letts direct this reggae romance about a rasta musician whose affair with a gospel-singing preacher’s daughter causes a stir in Kingston.

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Drama202196 minsDirector: Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic

Tensions rise between restless teenager Julija and her oppressive father Ante when an old family friend arrives at their Croatian island home.

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A Bigger SplashA Bigger Splash

Thriller2015125 minsDirector: Luca Guadagnino

Ralph Fiennes delivers a sensational performance as one of four passionate souls sharing a villa in the Sicilian sunshine, with jealousy, intrigue and violence simmering beneath the surface.

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Drama201990 minsDirector: Rashaad Ernesto Green

Budding writer Ayanna’s life is transformed over the course of one hot Harlem summer, when a handsome and mysterious stranger walks into her life.

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The InnocentsThe Innocents

Horror2021118 minsDirector: Eskil Vogt

A group of children discover they have magical powers during a long, hot summer together in Eskil Vogt's (Academy Award-nominated for his screenplay for The Worst Person in the World) fairytale horror.

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92 in the Shade92 in the Shade

Comedy197587 minsDirector: Thomas Mcguane

Peter Fonda and Warren Oates feature in a sweaty tale of warring Florida fishing outfits, in this quirky and long unavailable comedy-drama.

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Swimming PoolSwimming Pool

Drama2003102 minsDirector: François Ozon

A crime novelist seeks peace but gets a dangerous muse in this twisted bilingual thriller from François Ozon.

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Thriller201694 minsDirector: Mohamed Diab

Mohamed Diab’s Clash is an unforgettable portrait of Egypt on the brink as rival protesters find themselves locked up in a police van. Un Certain Regard official selection at Cannes 2016.

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Goodbye First LoveGoodbye First Love

Drama2011106 minsDirector: Mia Hansen-Løve

The pangs and pains of young love are artfully and respectfully rendered in this subtle and sensitive drama from Mia Hansen-Løve (Eden).

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Talk About JacquelineTalk About Jacqueline

Comedy194270 minsDirector: Harold French

Jacqueline journeys to the French Riviera to escape her controversial past and find an eligible bachelor in this comedy-drama lead by the wonderful Carla Lehmann.

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Playing AwayPlaying Away

Sport1986102 minsDirector: Horace Ové

A cricketing comedy of manners exploring white and black stereotypes, from pioneering British filmmaker Horace Ové.

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Heat and DustHeat and Dust

Drama1983130 minsDirector: James Ivory

Julie Christie and Greta Scacchi star in this sensual and evocative Merchant Ivory classic, adapted by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala from her Booker Prize-winning novel.

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Saint FrancesSaint Frances

Comedy2019100 minsDirector: Alex Thompson

Bridget, a thirty-four-year-old, strikes up an unlikely friendship with the six year old she is nannying, in Alex Thompson's award-winning comedy.

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The Peanut Butter FalconThe Peanut Butter Falcon

Comedy201997 minsDirector: Michael Schwartz and Tyler Nilson

Effortlessly charming buddy movie about a young man with Down's syndrome (Zack Gottsagen) in pursuit of his dreams, with Shia LaBeouf.

Rent for £3.50

On the RoadOn the Road

Road movie2012124 minsDirector: Walter Salles

Walter Salles’ vibrant adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s seminal novel follows three youths from the beat generation as they traverse America.

Rent for £3.50

The RaftThe Raft

Documentary201898 minsDirector: Marcus Lindeen

Imagine Big Brother at sea, but with no evictions. Director Marcus Lindeen innovatively uncovers the human stories behind a 1970s social experiment, salaciously dubbed ‘The Sex Raft’.

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Thriller2017108 minsDirector: Coralie Fargeat

Coralie Fargeat's gloriously bloody tale of one woman's retribution; a razor-sharp feminist subversion of the revenge-thriller.

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Comedy2005101 minsDirector: Annie Griffin

Stephen Mangan and Chris O’Dowd star in this sharp comedy following the trials of a trio of ambitious comedians aiming to take the Fringe by storm.

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Ping Pong SummerPing Pong Summer

Comedy201491 minsDirector: Michael Tully

In Maryland, 1985, teenager Rad is forced to face down the bullies in a table tennis tournament, with only his best friend and the expertise of his mysterious Mr Miyagi-esque neighbour for guidance.

Rent for £3.50

Dirty DancingDirty Dancing

Drama1987101 minsDirector: Emile Ardolino

A retro, music-filled classic about teen romances and strict attitudes to sex starring the late Patrick Swayze in his breakthrough role as dance instructor Johnny Castle.

Rent for £1.00

The Wimbledon StoryThe Wimbledon Story

Documentary195612 mins

Fred Perry explores the history of Wimbledon and goes behind the scenes of preparations for the tournament

Rent for £3.50


Romance2019100 minsDirector: Ira Sachs

Ira Sachs' utterly engaging romantic drama starring Isabelle Huppert as a celebrated actress who gathers her disparate family on an unexpectedly emotional retreat.

Rent for £2.50

Pierrot le FouPierrot le Fou

Crime1965110 minsDirector: Jean-Luc Godard

Godard’s stunning, colour widescreen account of the wild journey of ‘the last romantic couple’, Pierrot (Jean-Paul Belmondo) and his lover Marianne (Anna Karina).

Rent for £3.50


Drama202095 minsDirector: Leonie Krippendorff

As Berlin shimmers in the summer heat, Nora finds herself experiencing a world that's changing faster than she can keep up with, in this powerful coming-of-age story.

Rent for £3.50


Romance201892 minsDirector: Vicente Alves Do Ó

The simmering sexual tensions of a group of old friends come to the boil in this sizzling psychological drama, which playfully evokes the spirit of François Ozon.

Rent for £3.50

Deadlier than the MaleDeadlier than the Male

Detective drama196798 minsDirector: Ralph Thomas

Richard Johnson is Bulldog Drummond, a freelance investigator who attracts the attention of a pair of deadly female assassins, played by Elke Sommer and Sylva Koscina.

Rent for £3.50

Palace of FunPalace of Fun

Thriller201682 minsDirector: Eadward Stocks

The spirit of Patricia Highsmith comes to Brighton in this ominous psychological thriller about a young man who takes gleeful advantage of his sister's new boyfriend, upon discovering his dark secret.

Rent for £4.50

My First SummerMy First Summer

Drama202078 minsDirector: Katie Found

Amidst the grief of losing her mother, sheltered teen Claudia discovers friendship and love for the first time in this beautiful and sublime debut.

Currently unavailable

We the AnimalsWe the Animals

Drama201893 minsDirector: Jeremiah Zagar

Sensitive and increasingly different from his hyper-masculine brothers, a young boy faces the truth of his own desires.

Rent for £3.50

Of Girls and HorsesOf Girls and Horses

Drama201483 minsDirector: Monika Treut

A troubled teen finds love during a summer spent at a horse ranch, in this captivating lesbian drama from cult director Monika Treut.

Rent for £3.50

Futuro BeachFuturo Beach

Thriller2014107 minsDirector: Karim Aïnouz

A tragic event brings together a Brazilian lifeguard and a German tourist in Karim Aïnouz’s hypnotic melodrama.

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Beautiful ThingBeautiful Thing

Comedy199691 minsDirector: Hettie Macdonald

Hettie MacDonald’s 1996 comedy tells the story of two classmates and neighbours (Glen Berry, Scott Neal) who fall in love over one summer in South East London.

Rent for £3.50


Drama2016108 minsDirector: Marco Berger and Martin Farina

A gorgeously photographed, teasingly libidinous exercise in latent homoeroticism set over a long hot summer in Buenos Aires.

Rent for £2.50

Funny Games U.S.Funny Games U.S.

Horror2008107 minsDirector: Michael Haneke

Michael Haneke’s English-language remake of his earlier, Austrian film is both a shocking home-invasion thriller and a potent commentary on cinematic violence.

Rent for £3.50

The WondersThe Wonders

Drama2014111 minsDirector: Alice Rohrwacher

An enchanting, otherworldly coming-of-age drama about a teenage girl who enters her unwilling family into a TV talent show.

Rent for £1.00

More than a JourneyMore than a Journey

198652 minsDirector: Caroline Mylon

From Sudan to the Greek islands via the East Midlands - a young gay woman seeks love, happiness and fulfilment

Rent for £3.50

Uncle DavidUncle David

Comedy200995 minsDirector: Gary Reich, Mike Nicholls and 1 more

Celebrated cabaret artist David Hoyle’s debut film is a typically acerbic drama about the disturbing relationship between an uncle and his nephew.

Rent for £3.50

The WeekendThe Weekend

Comedy201694 minsDirector: Sheridan De Myers

Street-smart Hackney comedy about three friends whose unexpected cash windfall funds the mother of all parties; from the talents behind YouTube hit Mandem on the Wall.

Rent for £2.50

Mid-August LunchMid-August Lunch

Drama200872 minsDirector: Gianni Di Gregorio

Di Gregorio stars as a bibulous loafer trying to reduce his debts by looking after his friends’ elderly mothers during the holidays. Warm and witty

Rent for £3.50


Comedy201886 minsDirector: Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill's delightful directing debut follows Stevie, a thirteen-year-old who spends his summer with a group of new friends he meets at a skate shop.

Rent for £1.00

Summer DiscordSummer Discord

Amateur film195517 minsSilentDirector: David Gladwell

A Summer Discord is silent, amateur short film directed by David Gladwell which is set in the countryside and tells the story of a little girl who is reprimanded by her mother.

Rent for £3.50

Carry On CampingCarry On Camping

Comedy196989 minsDirector: Gerald Thomas

Happy campers Sid Boggle (Sid James) and Bernie Lugg (Bernard Bresslaw) are troubled by hippies in one of the best-loved films of the famed series.

Rent for £2.50

Maroc 7Maroc 7

Crime196788 minsDirector: Gerry O'Hara

Gene Barry stars as a spy on an Arabian adventure, sent to Morocco to infiltrate Cyd Charisse’s highly glamorous jewel-smuggling outfit.

Rent for £3.50

Skate KitchenSkate Kitchen

Drama2018105 minsDirector: Crystal Moselle

A timid Long Island skater-girl befriends an all-girl, New York City-based skateboarding crew.

Rent for £3.50

Boy Meets BoyBoy Meets Boy

Drama202170 minsDirector: Daniel Sánchez López

Two young men fall for each other over the course of a single day in this disarmingly tender debut from director Daniel Sánchez López.

Rent for £3.50

Hot Summer NightHot Summer Night

Drama195982 minsDirector: Ted Kotcheff

A progressive union boss is confronted with his family's prejudices when his daughter brings home her black boyfriend.

Rent for £3.50

From the Sea to the Land BeyondFrom the Sea to the Land Beyond

Documentary201273 minsDirector: Penny Woolcock

This fascinating and moving film by award-winning director Penny Woolcock is a lyrical portrait of Britain's coastline which features a score by British Sea Power.

Rent for £3.50


Drama2020100 minsDirector: Jessica Swale

Gemma Arterton stars in acclaimed theatre director Jessica Swale’s moving Second World War drama, as a woman rediscovering her ability to love.

Rent for £3.50

Donkey PunchDonkey Punch

Thriller200895 minsDirector: Olly Blackburn

Nichola Burley and Jamie Winstone star in the yacht-set shocker, in which a teen sex party turns into a deadly fight for survival.

Rent for £3.50

Two for JoyTwo for Joy

Drama201890 minsDirector: Tom Beard

A visceral, moving exploration of one British family's life following a tragedy, starring Samantha Morton, Daniel Mays and Billie Piper.

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