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Sunburn 15 rating

The simmering sexual tensions of a group of old friends come to the boil in this sizzling psychological drama, which playfully evokes the spirit of François Ozon.

Romance 2018 92 mins

Director: Vicente Alves Do Ó


Against the sun-kissed vistas of the Portuguese countryside, four friends in their 40s gather at a luxury villa for a relaxing weekend away. As the sexually fluid group drink, laugh and tan their sculpted bodies by the pool, hints of complex past relations threaten to surface. Still, for the most part, all remains harmonious. But then they receive word that David is on his way to join them. As the arrival of their unwanted extra guest looms ever closer, those simmering tensions cannot be contained any longer. But who is this mysterious David? And what secrets does he hold?

Evoking the playful spirit of early François Ozon, Vicente Alves do Ó’s sexy and stylish chamber piece takes a deceptively simple premise, transforming it into beguiling exercise in quiet discomfort.