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The Raft 12 rating

Imagine Big Brother at sea, but with no evictions. Director Marcus Lindeen innovatively uncovers the human stories behind a 1970s social experiment, salaciously dubbed ‘The Sex Raft’.

Documentary 2018 98 mins

Director: Marcus Lindeen


In 1973, five men, six women and a 16mm camera drifted across the Atlantic on a raft as part of anthropologist Santiago Genovés’ unique ‘Acali Experiment’; a sociological study of human aggression and sexuality. Genovés appointed only women to the positions of power on the craft, believing that the group would soon descend into violent power struggles. Nobody, including (the questionably sexist) Genovés, expected the events that transpired over the three-month journey.

Archive material, a reunion of surviving expedition members and dramatic recreations on a custom-built replica of the raft allow Lindeen to create a compelling portrait of an idea and era. His questioning documentary probes the tensions between dogma, experience, memory and emotions, and goes some way to restoring dignity to the ‘survivors’..