Who Can You Trust?

From the collections of the BFI and its partner archives, a host of rarely seen British thrillers highlighting Britain's often idiosyncratic take on the genre.

From gritty London noir to murderous melodramas and obscure amateur works, this collection will open your eyes to a world of unseen British thrills.

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Dear MurdererDear Murderer

Drama194794 mins

A frosty Greta Gynt goes head to head with jealous husband Eric Portman in this pitch-black British noir.

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Thriller197660 mins

Frightening events unfold that may or may not be figments of Marigold’s imagination.

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Drama196262 mins

Stuck out in the country, two rival gangs fight it out with increasing savagery.

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Good-Time GirlGood-Time Girl

Crime194892 mins Location: Islington

Find out what happens when a good girl goes bad in this controversial post-war Brit noir thriller starring Jean Kent.

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Trapped by the London SharksTrapped by the London Sharks

Comedy191683 minsSilent

Nefarious nightclub hosts blackmail a drunkard into fleecing their customers

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Trapped by the MormonsTrapped by the Mormons

Drama192292 minsSilent

Unscrupulous criminals in the Manchester suburbs abuse the Mormon faith to lure young women away from their families.

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The Silent HouseThe Silent House

Crime192982 minsSilent

Spooky house thriller directed by Walter Forde, replete with secret panels and snake-filled rooms.

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The Woman from ChinaThe Woman from China

Action and Adventure193176 minsSilent

A young woman is persuaded to help a Chinese businessman to kidnap a naval officer in this fun and outrageous British thriller.

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A Bid for FortuneA Bid for Fortune

Drama191784 minsSilent

Master criminal Dr Nikola seeks a Chinese curio that promises eternal life and world domination

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The Gold ExpressThe Gold Express

Crime195558 mins

Claustrophobic train-set comedy-thriller with a gang of crooks intent on stealing a gold shipment on a Scotland to London express.

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The Ghost TrainThe Ghost Train

Comedy193139 mins

Surviving footage of the first sound version of Arnold Ridley's famous railway station comedy thriller

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Escape from BroadmoorEscape from Broadmoor

Thriller194839 mins Location: Hampstead

An escaped murderer faces the vengeful spirit of the woman he killed in this 'psychic mystery' British B-movie.

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Drama19044 minsSilent

Early film: The life of a gentleman farmer is turned upside down when he discovers his wife in the arms of the local asylum's chief warder.

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Amateur film193417 minsSilent Location: Nottingham

A biplane, car chase and steam express train all feature in this pre-war 16mm thriller that stretches the ambition and art of the amateur film maker.

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Amateur film193117 minsSilent Location: Bournemouth

Sheila sees the folly of her ways when husband, John, is to be hanged for murdering her paramour, but once trusty Bill from the CID is on the case, the real killer is soon unmasked

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The Broken SwastikaThe Broken Swastika

Amateur film193213 minsSilent Location: Bournemouth

In this bizarre 1932 short film produced by the Bournemouth Cine Society, a swastika pendant becomes a plot device in a kidnapping drama.

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Falsely MurderedFalsely Murdered

Amateur film196022 mins Location: Harrow

Nail-biting amateur thriller in Pinner tells the story of a suspicious husband who may not have got the right man.

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The DiamondThe Diamond

Amateur film193814 minsSilent

A gem-smuggling conspiracy drives an entertaining and unusually accomplished amateur fiction.

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Bank RobbersBank Robbers

Amateur film195711 minsSilent Location: Queensbury

The excitement of making this crime caper is clearly seen in the acting of these kids from a village junior school, as they chase the robbers across fields overlooking the Dales.

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Smugglers BewareSmugglers Beware

Amateur film193828 minsSilent Location: Ingoldisthorpe

Thrilling pirate adventure made by a preparatory schoolmaster and starring some of his schoolchildren, who apprehend dangerous smugglers.

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Smugglers' CaveSmugglers' Cave

Amateur film193716 minsSilent Location: Cornwall

A map that leads to treasure and trouble: John, Mary and Anne go in search of Jack Mundy's loot only to find that his map wasn't quite complete.

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Good TurnersGood Turners

Amateur film193714 minsSilent Location: Eltham

A pair of kidnappers are no match for the derring-do Boy Scouts of Eltham - in this amateur action thriller from the Eltham Cine Society

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Fatal ShotFatal Shot

Amateur film19317 minsSilent Location: Kingsgate Bay

This gruesome tale from the Barnes Brothers is a warning to parents as a young child falls prey to a band of cliff dwelling murderous outlaws

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Amateur film19598 mins Location: Surrey

There are echoes of Fritz Lang in this short film about a shadowy figure following a child through woodland - but what is his true purpose?

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It Happened ThusIt Happened Thus

Amateur film193713 minsSilent Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

A valuable necklace is stolen – but where is the thief?

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A Pocketful of FearA Pocketful of Fear

Amateur film196311 minsSilent Location: West Boldon

Buckle up for some asphalt angst on a tense 1960s road trip on and off the A19.

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.. And Other Stories.. And Other Stories

Amateur film19797 mins Location: Eastbourne

A sophisticated bookish blonde proves to be a murderer’s nemesis in this atmospheric thriller-with-a-twist from the Eastbourne Cine Group

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Pink ShirtsPink Shirts

Amateur film193616 minsSilent Location: Plas Newydd

Catapult-wielding democrats take on wader-wearing fascists in this ‘Plas Newydd’ drama filmed by the Marquis of Anglesey.

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Birthday For PeterBirthday For Peter

Amateur film19589 minsSilent Location: Sevenoaks

Peter’s birthday is one his suffering parents would rather forget in this harrowing film from the Sevenoaks Cine Society

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