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The Woman from China

A young woman is persuaded to help a Chinese businessman to kidnap a naval officer in this fun and outrageous British thriller.

Crime 1931 76 mins


This fun and outrageous thriller, set in London's docklands, is stuffed full of secret lairs, trapdoors, jealousy, deceit and corruption. Chang-Li, attracted to an English typist, plots to kidnap her fiancé with the help of a young woman from China. With white actors cast in Chinese roles, the film typifies the sensationalist way Chinese communities were often depicted in 30s British fiction.

One of the later British silent movies, this 'Quota Quickie' met the increased demand for British productions created by the 1927 Cinematographic Act. It was standard practise at the time for white actors to be 'made-up' to play Chinese roles. The most convincingly Chinese performance here comes from Japanese actor Kiyoshi Takase.