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Good Turners

A pair of kidnappers are no match for the derring-do Boy Scouts of Eltham - in this amateur action thriller from the Eltham Cine Society

Amateur film 1937 14 mins Silent

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This entertaining thriller from John P Howard begins on a quiet road in Eltham. A man finding a note on the ground sees a woman waving from a high window. Using a ladder he climbs up to the room but is knocked out by the villains holding the woman hostage. After they are bound and dumped in a cellar, the man finds an electrical switch and starts signalling in morse. A lamp in an upper window, going on and off, is seen by a Scout troop. They overpower the villains and rescue the hostages.

The postbox and houses seen in this film remain in situ - their location being at the corner of Glenesk Road and Glenshiel Road in Eltham.