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Green Room 18 rating

A punk band becomes besieged in the backstage hideaway of a hideous neo-Nazi club, in this gloriously tense shocker from the director of Blue Ruin.

Thriller 2015 95 mins

Director: Jeremy Saulnier



When a punk band unwisely plays a gig at a rural neo-Nazi hellhole they get more than they bargained for. After witnessing something they shouldn’t, they find themselves besieged backstage, holding out against the club’s malevolent owner (Patrick Stewart) and his vile henchmen.

Viewers of writer-director Jeremy Saulnier’s previous film, Blue Ruin, will be familiar with his skill in conjuring an atmosphere of unbearable tension and mounting dread, but in Green Room he pumps up the volume to a deafening crescendo. A masterfully claustrophobic study in rising terror, Saulnier’s film has been roundly praised as a cut above most indie horror, having won immediate acclaim from its Cannes premiere and subsequent bow at the BFI London Film Festival. Saulnier’s expert delivery of thrilling set-pieces is matched with his astute handling of a fine ensemble cast; Stewart putting in a memorably menacing performance alongside naturalistic turns from Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development) and the tragically departed Anton Yelchin.