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Mine Own Executioner 12 rating

Burgess Meredith stars in this powerful psychological drama, as a psychiatrist struggling with his own inner demons who's enlisted to treat a traumatised WWII veteran.

Drama 1948 109 mins

Director: Anthony Kimmins


With compelling, sympathetic performances from double-Oscar®-nominee Burgess Meredith and accomplished Irish actor Kieron Moore, this powerful psychological drama shows the almost super-human demands of a profession that ranks amongst the most challenging.

Meredith stars as Felix Milne, a lay psychiatrist in post-war London who is enlisted to treat Adam Lucian, a fighter pilot deeply traumatised by his experiences in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp. Beleaguered by emotional problems of his own, Milne embodies the mixture of dedication, self-distrust and self-criticism that characterises someone with a genuine vocation for the psychiatrist's work; but is he qualified to treat a patient as disturbed and potentially destructive as Adam? Adapted from his own novel by BAFTA-winning author and screenwriter Nigel Balchin, Mine Own Executioner can be seen now as a devastating study of the effect World War Two had on Britain's national psyche.