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Hidden City 15 rating

Charles Dance stars in Stephen Poliakoff’s debut feature film about a writer whose research uncovers a conspiracy of hidden artefacts.

Thriller 1987 108 mins

Director: Stephen Poliakoff


After establishing a fine reputation in television drama, Stephen Poliakoff directed his first feature film in 1987. A mystery wrapped in conspiracy and secrets, Hidden City tells the story of James Richards (Charles Dance), a writer who is sucked into a search for a lost piece of film by Sharon Newton (Cassie Stewart), a video librarian. What they stumble upon are cover-ups, tense searches, and possible danger. Poliakoff has crafted a rich look into London’s dark history with a stunning lead turn from Dance.

Following Hidden City, Poliakoff directed further British features in Close My Eyes (1991) and Gideon’s Daughter (2005). But Hidden City remains arguably the truest to his particular style, eyeing London through an eerie, almost foreign lens accomplished by excellent cinematography from Witold Stok.