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Brighton Rock

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Brighton Rock PG rating

Richard Attenborough’s unforgettably sinister turn as ‘Pinkie’ pervades this classic adaptation of the Graham Greene novel.

Thriller 1948 93 mins

Director: John Boulting



Richard Attenborough is unforgettable as ‘Pinkie’, the brutal gangster who seduces and grooms a simple waitress, Rose (Carol Marsh) in the belief that she could incriminate him in a murder.

The classic adaptation (by Terence Rattigan) of Graham Greene’s novel is a taut and propulsive British crime drama, famous for its stark violence and a memorably cynical ending. It also offers the quintessential evocation of post-war Brighton; its tea-rooms, racetracks and dishevelled boarding houses all starkly captured Harry Waxman's superb, atmospheric cinematography.