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Iceman 15 rating

Revenge is served ice-cold in this visceral thriller, in which a neolithic hunter seeks vengeance against those who decimated his tribe.

Thriller 2017 96 mins

Director: Felix Randau


Revenge is served ice-cold in Felix Randau's visceral thriller, which re-imagines the backstory of a lone hunter whose preserved remains were discovered in the Alps in 1991. Kelab (Jürgen Vogel) is the leader of a neolithic clan who returns from a hunting trip to find his tribe have been brutally murdered. From that moment Kelab sets out to avenge them, embarking on an odyssey in which sheer survival takes precedence. The dialogue is intentionally left unsubtitled.

The characters in Iceman speak a version of ancient Rhaetic, believed to be the closest known language such tribes would have used. Much like the 1981 prehistoric drama, The Quest for Fire, Randau presents his story as a largely visual exercise in which comprehension of the dialogue is unnecessary.