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Nightcrawler 15 rating

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a crime journalist scouring the streets of after-dark LA in a stylish thriller that examines the morals of mass media.

Crime 2014 118 mins

Director: Dan Gilroy


Jake Gyllenhaal excels as an ambitious and highly corruptible entrant into the world of freelance crime journalism, becoming ever more compromised as he scours after-dark LA for crime footage to sell to news networks. Dan Gilroy’s debut film as a director is an exciting, neon-drenched thriller that doubles as a thought provoking examination into the morals of modern media.

Gyllenhaal’s brilliant performance, displaying the kind of childlike, naïve sociopathy that used to be Robert De Niro’s forte, is a career best, and he’s ably supported by Riz Ahmed and Rene Russo.