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The Crying Game 18 rating

Neil Jordan's acclaimed 1992 drama-mystery tells the story of Fergus (Stephen Rea), who looks after the lover (Jaye Davidson) of a British soldier he once knew. But what is Dil hiding?

Drama 1992 112 mins

Director: Neil Jordan


Neil Jordan's acclaimed 1992 drama-mystery continues to captivate and intrigue audiences today. After the IRA have captured Jody (Forest Whitaker), a British soldier, he is put under the guard of Fergus (Stephen Rea). A friendship grows between the two of them, to the point where Fergus goes to look after Jody's lover, Dil (Jaye Davidson). But Dil hides dangerous secrets that will change Fergus' life forever. Jordan conjures much intensity not only in the political undertones, but also the relationship drama between each of the fascinating characters.

Full of suspense, mystery and intrigue, this Academy Award-winning thriller challenged mainstream sexual stereotypes and remains a powerful and poignant exploration of gender and identity.