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Brassed Off 15 rating

Pete Postlethwaite stars in this emotional drama about members of a colliery brass band who learn their mine may soon be closing.

Drama 1996 107 mins

Director: Mark Herman


Danny (Postlethwaite) is the strict martinet of a colliery brass band in the fictional Yorkshire town of Grimley. His leadership qualities are tested when he learns their latest competition might be their last, due to their mine being marked for closure. Mark Herman’s comedic drama sounds all the right notes of laughter, drama and music, delivered by a pitch-perfect cast including Tara Fitzgerald, Ewan McGregor, and Jim Carter.

While Herman’s film offers much lightness, there’s also a pointed social commentary to its depiction of Britain’s post-Thatcherite north. It’s a film that remains resonant, while supplying a story that’s human, warm, and resonant.