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Bring the restaurant to you: gastronomic inspiration for novice cooks and greedy gourmands

From fine dining to comfort food, we’ve got you covered with this mouthwatering selection spanning decades of making, cooking - and eating. Nostalgic childhood favourites, regional delicacies and recipe tips for the thrifty are all on hand, whether you’re after artisan cheese, homemade samosas or a full turkey dinner. This collection also reflects the challenge of feeding the nation during two world wars and how an increasingly multicultural society saw postwar Britain’s culinary landscape burst into colour.

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Public Information Filler19407 mins

This informative herring aid from WWII makes no bones about the need to make the most of every fish

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Black Country FoodBlack Country Food

News19725 mins Location: Wednesbury

Tasting the plain, good 'fittle' of the Black Country - just remember to pull the hairs out of those pork scratchings.

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Cheese Making at HomeCheese Making at Home

Non-Fiction19184 minsSilent

Handy hints for would-be fromagers

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Indian SweetsIndian Sweets

News19794 mins Location: Moseley

A new type of shop appears on the high street: Indian sweets have arrived in Birmingham.

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Chinese RestaurantsChinese Restaurants

Non-Fiction19657 mins Location: Birmingham

From the House of Liang Nam to the Kam Ling Bamboo Rooms: the pioneers who made the long journey from Hong Kong to bring Chinese food to Birmingham.

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A Party Dish by X. Marcel BoulestinA Party Dish by X. Marcel Boulestin

19369 minsSilent

Guests to impress? Celebrity chef Marcel Boulestin out a quick veal escalope with the aid of a shiny new gas cooker.

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Boxing DayBoxing Day

Cookery show197327 mins

Dorothy Sleightholme, Yorkshire's answer to Fanny Cradock, makes a meal of turkey leftovers in this seasonal offering from the Farmhouse Kitchen.

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Sunshine in SohoSunshine in Soho

Documentary195632 mins Location: Soho

1950s Soho beats with far more energy than its 21st century counterpart in this vivid time capsule.

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Bun Eating ContestBun Eating Contest

News19631 minsSilent Location: Rathfriland

Can you spot the cheat in this greedy contest?

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Herbert Campbell As Little BobbyHerbert Campbell As Little Bobby

Comedy18991 minsSilent

A not-so-little variety star shows off his appetite

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Mrs Newlywed's First DinnerMrs Newlywed's First Dinner

Amateur film19498 minsSilent

There are culinary catastrophes galore when Mrs Newlywed attempts to cook the couple's first meal in their austerity kitchen.

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A Love SupremeA Love Supreme

200110 minsSilent

A homage to the director's mother, mistress of the art of making samosas

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Clegg's People: FoodClegg's People: Food

Documentary198624 mins Location: Scarborough

A real appetiser of a film, as Yorkshire and beyond reveals some of its gastronomic concoctions, such as the Pontefract cake, Bakewell pudding, and fare not for the queasy.

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Parrett EelsParrett Eels

Current affairs19814 mins Location: Stathe

Elvers are cooked for a special tasting

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Snails at The Miners Arms in WinscombeSnails at The Miners Arms in Winscombe

Current affairs9 mins Location: Winscombe

A slow reception for edible snails at the Miners Arms

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Caribbean RestaurantCaribbean Restaurant

Magazine and Review show19867 mins Location: West Bromwich

Bringing the tastes of Montego Bay to a wintry West Bromwich.

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Chinese Restaurants in PlymouthChinese Restaurants in Plymouth

News19665 mins Location: Plymouth

A visit to Chinese restaurants in Plymouth and a chance to get to know the staff.

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Chinese RestaurantsChinese Restaurants

Non-Fiction19672 mins Location: Birmingham

Will a dispute between China and Britain over Hong Kong harm sales in Birmingham's busy Chinese restaurants?

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Curworthy Farmhouse CheeseCurworthy Farmhouse Cheese

Current affairs19833 mins Location: Stockbeare Fm

Farmhouse cheese production is traditional

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Manufacture of Stilton CheeseManufacture of Stilton Cheese

Non-Fiction19202 minsSilent

Ever wondered how your Christmas Stilton is made? All is revealed in this delectable short produced by pioneer Charles Urban.

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Stilton CheeseStilton Cheese

News19743 mins Location: Melton Mowbray

Can Melton Mowbray really be "a storm centre of international incident" - surely not?

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Indian Sweets and SavouriesIndian Sweets and Savouries

Magazine and Review show19828 mins Location: Leicester

By 1982 the Indian restaurant was a familiar sight but vegetarian options were still a rarity. Hilary Minster goes in search of the perfect veggie chaat in Leicester.

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Mousetrap Is Out!Mousetrap Is Out!

195615 mins

Blessed are the cheesemakers! Exploring traditional and mass production methods with John Arlott

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Magician's Wife Makes the Christmas CakeMagician's Wife Makes the Christmas Cake

Amateur film19498 minsSilent

There's magical mayhem in the kitchen when the magician's wife makes use of a most unusual cooking utensil - her husband's magic wand.

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Nothing to Eat (But Food)Nothing to Eat (But Food)

Documentary196216 mins Location: Norwich

Nutrition primer featuring Norwich market.

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Heinz Tomato Ketchup : Fish PattiesHeinz Tomato Ketchup : Fish Patties

Advert19601 mins

This 1960 Heinz ad boasts a recipe tip for some tasty flaked fish vol-au-vents.

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Findus - Pancakes: Pancake Day (Revised Version)Findus - Pancakes: Pancake Day (Revised Version)

Advert19811 mins

The iconic Findus frozen food, a crispy pancake wrapped around a choice of four different fillings.

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Wartime Food BoredomWartime Food Boredom

Public Information Filler19460 mins

The Ministry of Information plays the guilt card to keep the home front from grumbling at mealtimes

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Food for ThoughtFood for Thought

Government sponsored film19405 mins

Grumpy Grandma is put in her place during wartime food demonstration

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Food and WarFood and War

Documentary194318 mins

From British Restaurants to American victory gardens, this survey of food rationing in 1943 shows the effect of the war on the eating habits of civilians and soldiers alike.

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When the Pie Was OpenedWhen the Pie Was Opened

Government sponsored film19418 mins

Welcome to an obscure but delightful corner of film history where Masterchef, rationing and surrealism meet public information films.

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Cheese Mites; Or, Lilliputians in a London RestaurantCheese Mites; Or, Lilliputians in a London Restaurant

Trick film19011 minsSilent

Discovering an infestation in a restaurant has never been as much fun as in this early trick film

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Shippam's Country Pot - Ooh ArrShippam's Country Pot - Ooh Arr

Advert19791 mins

Seventies nostalgia abounds in this advert for Shippam's Country Pot - for sandwiches with a bit of Ooooh-Aaar

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Shippam's SandwichmakersShippam's Sandwichmakers

Advert19811 mins

Boring sandwiches get a tasty Shippam's make-over in this classic comedy commercial from the 70s starring the legendary Roy Kinnear

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Feeding Time!Feeding Time!

Non-Fiction19292 minsSilent Location: Thame

Street food 1920s style as the people of Thame embark on an "ox-roasting orgy" in the marketplace.

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The Story of Our Food SupplyThe Story of Our Food Supply

Public Information Filler192820 minsSilent Location: Bermondsey

The original foodie city: from bustling Bermondsey Wharves through Smithfield and Billingsgate to London's street markets and general stores.

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Helping the Food Controller in 1000 Home Gardens at BournvilleHelping the Food Controller in 1000 Home Gardens at Bournville

19186 minsSilent

Self-sufficiency in a Midlands garden suburb supports national resilience during WWI

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Nation's Food - MeatNation's Food - Meat

19178 minsSilent

Where's the beef? The exotic origins of the British Sunday roast are explored in this short film about meat

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Armchair CookeryArmchair Cookery

Non-Fiction19161 minsSilent

Masterchef or not, these kitchen gadgets seek to give independence back to soldiers disabled in WWI service

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Rooftop Restaurant in PlymouthRooftop Restaurant in Plymouth

Current affairs19626 mins Location: Plymouth

The city's new sky bar and restaurant opens for business.

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The SecretThe Secret

Government sponsored film19182 minsSilent

Covert operations on the home front find solutions to shortages just next door

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Tommys' Xmas PuddingTommys' Xmas Pudding

Non-Fiction19161 mins

Women factory workers go full steam to make sure troops on the Western Front have a little tradition at Christmas.

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