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Boxing Day

Dorothy Sleightholme, Yorkshire's answer to Fanny Cradock, makes a meal of turkey leftovers in this seasonal offering from the Farmhouse Kitchen.

Cookery show 1973 27 mins


Tired of turkey sandwiches? Dorothy Sleightholme advises how best to spruce up those straggly scraps of poultry in this seasonal offering from her Farmhouse Kitchen. With not one, not two, but seven gut-busting recipes - from vol-au-vents to pate - you can't go wrong, it seems, with a dollop of cream and a dash of sherry.

In the light of today's ultra-slick celebrity cooking shows, Dorothy's assortment of beige-coloured dishes seems rather lacklustre, and the filmmaking a little heavy-handed (the camera keeps on rolling when Dorothy clears her throat or struggles to suppress a cough). But in the 70s the matronly Sleightholme was well known for her no-thrills approach to cooking hearty Yorkshire fare - the polar opposite of Francophile gourmet Fanny Cradock, who served up French-style dishes on the BBC. Dorothy must have been doing something right: Farmhouse Kitchen ran on ITV for almost 20 years, from 1971 to 1990.