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Mrs Newlywed's First Dinner

There are culinary catastrophes galore when Mrs Newlywed attempts to cook the couple's first meal in their austerity kitchen.

Amateur film 1949 8 mins Silent

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Mrs Newlywed buys some fish for her husband's dinner. Back in her spartan 'austerity' kitchen, Mrs Newlywed's efforts are thwarted by the family cat, an electric cooker with no power, a persistent foot-in-the-door salesman and the smell of fish burning on the gas mantle. In despair she sees a newspaper advert for Hanson’s Fish Shop and away she goes to buy supper for two. When her husband returns from work Mrs Newlywed serves him the perfect fish and chips supper.

Ashford resident 'Sonny' Hanson was a keen and creative amateur filmmaker who began his hobby in the 1930s. A member of the Ashford Film Society, 'Sonny' collaborated on a large number of mostly fictional productions. He owned Hanson's fish and chip shop, seen in the latter part of the film. His reflection with movie camera, can also be seen in the shop window as our heroine, Mrs Newlywed, arrives to buy her husband's dinner. Could this film have been a light-hearted advertisement for the business?