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Nothing to Eat (But Food)

Nutrition primer featuring Norwich market.

Documentary 1962 16 mins


Norwich market has a cameo appearance in this engaging nutrition primer. Intended for school pupils aged 14 and above (probably principally CSE Domestic Science students), it encapsulates the thinking of the day (much of which still stands) on balanced diets. The film also encapsulates the ‘enlightened self-interest’ that informed much of the sponsored filmmaking produced in large volumes in the post-war period.

Consumer goods conglomerate Unilever was one of the major film sponsors and aimed much of its output at schools curricula. A key feature of this programme was the use of expert consultants to establish the film’s objectivity on its subject matter – in this case, pioneering nutritionist John Yudkin (an early advocate of low-carb diets who also augured against the dangers of sugar). By funding such films, a sponsor was not seeking to flog its products but rather to demonstrate what we’d now refer to as corporate social responsibility, together with good taste as a patron of quality filmmaking.