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Magician's Wife Makes the Christmas Cake

Magician's Wife Makes the Christmas Cake

There's magical mayhem in the kitchen when the magician's wife makes use of a most unusual cooking utensil - her husband's magic wand.

Amateur film 1949 8 mins Silent

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In her 'austerity' kitchen the magician's wife decides to make a cake. When things start to go wrong she finds the ultimate kitchen helper - her husband's wand. She can now un-smash broken eggs, put split milk back into the bottle and turn a matchbox into a mousetrap. She even turns a cremated cake into a chocolate triumph, impressing a friend in the process. A gramophone player becomes a cake-stand but things go awry when she isn't looking and the icing starts flying.

Ashford resident 'Sonny' Hanson was a keen and creative amateur film-maker who began his hobby in the 1930s. A member of the Ashford Film Society, 'Sonny' collaborated on a large number of mostly fictional productions. His experiments in special effects like stop-motion animation and reverse-action, as seen in this film, suggest that Sonny Hanson was a skilled and imaginative amateur film-maker who thoroughly enjoyed his hobby.