Christmas Crackers

It's time to join the ghosts of Christmases past as we celebrate a century of festive film.

Our selection of comic, musical and animated treats should get you in the spirit, and for balance there's newsreels both cheerful and poignant, while some evocative home movies shine a light on the family revels of yesteryear. Meanwhile, some early promotional films offer a reminder that Christmas was serious business long before advertisers deployed CGI penguins or WWI epics to tug on viewers' heart strings. All the yuletide traditions are here: trees, turkeys and toys (including some distant ancestors of the dreaded Furby). You'll also find some seasonal curios, not least a sci-fi re-imagining of Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol - alongside a more conventional version from 1914. These crackers are full of surprises!

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Toys Will Be ToysToys Will Be Toys

Animation & Artists Moving Image19885 mins Location: South Shields

Barbie dolls in pink battle khaki killing machines in a Christmas animation that cocks a snook at the “Disney Doctrine”.

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A Bronte ChristmasA Bronte Christmas

Documentary198014 mins Location: Haworth

Richard Whiteley joins children on the Worth Valley Railway Santa’s Special, while the Haworth Town Band sing On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at.

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Christmas in BelfastChristmas in Belfast

Government sponsored film19772 mins Location: Belfast

Christmas in Belfast at the height of 'The Troubles'. Not the most wonderful time of year.

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Morecambe and Wise - Be Wise Don't Drink and Drive Morecambe and Wise - Be Wise Don't Drink and Drive

Public Information Filler19631 mins

Ernie tells Eric to ‘be wise’ and not drive home after their Christmas party

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Santa ClausSanta Claus

Trick film18981 minsSilent

These Victorian children's Christmas wishes come true in a very special early British film

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The Rise and Fall of Nellie BrownThe Rise and Fall of Nellie Brown

Musical196470 mins Location: Liverpool

An incredibly joyous TV musical about a young woman's search for her long-lost cousin.

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Premium Bonds: Xmas 1959Premium Bonds: Xmas 1959

19590 mins

The Happy (Christmas) way to save! Santa plugs Premium Bonds in a 'prize-winning' 1950s TV ad.

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Dodo in Christmas AdventureDodo in Christmas Adventure

Animation & Artists Moving Image19655 mins

Meet the animated sci-fi fixer from a strange atomic race who knows the value of Christmas.

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Christmas Around the WorldChristmas Around the World

Animation & Artists Moving Image19785 mins Location: South Shields

Chomping alligators, a boomerang throwing kangaroo, a turkey in Turkey, and an angry lion, all mollified by a world touring, bumbling Santa.

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The Twelve Days of ChristmasThe Twelve Days of Christmas

Animation & Artists Moving Image19764 mins Location: South Shields

A classic Christmas carol brought joyously to life in this engaging and colourful Sheila Graber animation, with help from her school class.

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Parcels for the FrontParcels for the Front

Non-Fiction19151 minsSilent

Tommy's Christmas parcels are despatched to the Front in a fleet of trucks.

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Christmas Is ComingChristmas Is Coming

Animation & Artists Moving Image19511 minsSilent

Santa's on strike! This charming animation for the GPO advises early posting to keep Father Christmas onside.

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Kingsbridge Figgy PuddingKingsbridge Figgy Pudding

News19611 minsSilent Location: Kingsbridge

Round Table members parade a giant Christmas pudding in Kingsbridge South Devon and raise money for charity.

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A Christmas CarolA Christmas Carol

Fantasy191423 minsSilent

A well-acted early version of Charles Dickens' much loved Christmas story, featuring some impressive ghost sequences.

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St Giles School Christmas 1975St Giles School Christmas 1975

Amateur film19755 minsSilent Location: New Addington

Ho ho ho! The children and staff of St Giles School Croydon enjoy a special visit from Father Christmas himself

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Boxing DayBoxing Day

Cookery show197327 mins

Dorothy Sleightholme, Yorkshire's answer to Fanny Cradock, makes a meal of turkey leftovers in this seasonal offering from the Farmhouse Kitchen.

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Christmas GreetingChristmas Greeting

Announcement19381 mins

A glittering assortment of screen stars brings some extra Yuletide sparkle to a charming festive greeting to 1930s cinemagoers.

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Christmas Dinner Goes to MarketChristmas Dinner Goes to Market

Non-Fiction19301 mins Location: Attleborough

Christmas is coming and the Norfolk turkey's getting fat...

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Richard Burton's Christmas StoryRichard Burton's Christmas Story

Drama199051 mins Location: Treharris

All Richie wants for Christmas is a toy farm – simple. But the world is complicated, disturbing. Happily, he gets more than he bargained for!

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'If Winter Comes' - It Has!'If Winter Comes' - It Has!

Non-Fiction19231 mins Location: Buxton

Dashing through the snow; on a six-horse open plough... The streets are ready for sledging in 1920s Buxton.

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Christmas PlayChristmas Play

195918 mins

Taking the lid off the creative process - of a group of theatrically-minded 11-year-olds as they stage the nativity.

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Vietnamese Children RefugeesVietnamese Children Refugees

Non-Fiction19785 mins Location: Birmingham

6,000 miles from home, after a perilous voyage to escape terror and oppression, five child refugees from Vietnam experience the magic of a British Christmas.

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Our Advice This Festive Season!Our Advice This Festive Season!

Non-Fiction19250 mins

A quirky festive message courtesy of a pair of courting camels.

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Old Drury Custom Dating from 1796Old Drury Custom Dating from 1796

Non-Fiction19282 minsSilent Location: Covent Garden

Theatrical shenanigans in London's West End as thespians celebrate a Twelfth Night tradition.

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Oxford StreetOxford Street

Amateur film19717 minsSilent Location: Marylebone

London's famous shopping street is captured just before Christmas in 1971 in this montage with an impressionistic view of all the action.

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Family Christmas Home MovieFamily Christmas Home Movie

Amateur film19488 minsSilent

It's an austerity Christmas from 1948 with a scary looking Santa Claus dishing out the presents and the kisses.

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A Message from MarsA Message from Mars

Science Fiction191360 mins Location: London

Britain's first full-length science fiction feature has been restored by the BFI National Archive and given a new score by composer Matthew Herbert, commissioned by the BFI and the BBC.

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Manufacture of Stilton CheeseManufacture of Stilton Cheese

Non-Fiction19202 minsSilent

Ever wondered how your Christmas Stilton is made? All is revealed in this delectable short produced by pioneer Charles Urban.

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Childrens' Christmas PartiesChildrens' Christmas Parties

Home movie19528 minsSilent Location: Norwich

The ring on the string keeps moving! Party games, a finger buffet and a ventriloquist dummy entertain the children of the Lane and Scrutton families at Christmastime.

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A 'White' Christmas A 'White' Christmas

Non-Fiction19272 minsSilent Location: Regent's Park

Heavy snowfall makes Christmas dreams come true for residents across Britain.

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Cadbury's Dairy Milk - XmasCadbury's Dairy Milk - Xmas

Advert19821 mins

A dreamy Christmas advert for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.

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A Little Fragrance Clings to the Hand that Gives You RosesA Little Fragrance Clings to the Hand that Gives You Roses

Amateur film19847 mins

Agnes Mendelstien is heading for a nervous breakdown as more and more unwanted Christmas presents from her over-generous suitor, start piling up.

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'Joys in Toys for Girls and Boys''Joys in Toys for Girls and Boys'

Non-Fiction19271 minsSilent

Treat your kiddies to the latest mechanical wonders, promoted in this festive newsreel item

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As Christmas Draws Near As Christmas Draws Near

Non-Fiction19281 mins

An eccentric parade of mechanical toys to tantalise 1920s kids - and to remind us that Christmas consumerism is nothing new.

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Turkeys for Xmas Turkeys for Xmas

Non-Fiction19151 minsSilent Location: Norfolk

Feathered friends prepare to meet their fate in this seasonal newsreel outing to a Norfolk turkey farm.

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Bernard Matthew's Turkey FarmBernard Matthew's Turkey Farm

Short documentary196327 mins Location: Great Witchingham

10 years into building his empire, Anglia TV cameras catch up with Bernard Matthews about his humble beginnings, living and sleeping with turkeys and his plans for the future.

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Christmas StoryChristmas Story

19504 minsSilent Location: Leeds

A great example of an integrated family of immigrants from different religious backgrounds showing just how Christmas can be enjoyed the traditional way in post-war Britain.

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Lonely Lightship's Christmas Lonely Lightship's Christmas

Non-Fiction19221 minsSilent Location: Lynn Channel

A crew of not-so-lonely lightshipmen enjoy a festive knees-up - 40 miles out at sea - in this heart-warming newsreel.

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Tony Buys a BikeTony Buys a Bike

Promotional194217 minsSilent Location: Harringay

A lucky schoolboy gets a brand new bike for Christmas in this charming wartime promotional film.

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Family Christmas in East Grinstead and WoodingdeanFamily Christmas in East Grinstead and Woodingdean

Amateur film196712 minsSilent

There isn't a battery in sight in this Christmas film from 1967 but we do see the pudding being made and sense the thrill of presents being opened.

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The Mistletoe BoughThe Mistletoe Bough

Fantasy19049 minsSilent

Discover a haunted gem, the earliest film of the Christmas ghost story The Mistletoe Bough. Guaranteed to spook a whole new generation over a hundred years after its creation. With new music by Pete Wiggs of Saint Etienne, commissioned by the BFI.

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Family Christmas with the Dawson FamilyFamily Christmas with the Dawson Family

Home movie19635 minsSilent Location: Norwich

The Dawson family from Norwich conjure up a great Christmas with games and trickery to entertain the children in this home movie.

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Christmas GreetingsChristmas Greetings

Amateur film19838 minsSilent Location: Middlesbrough

A Cleveland family ring in the festive season with Bucks Fizz. But this family Christmas is not what it seems.

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Christmas Shopping, Godalming 1922Christmas Shopping, Godalming 1922

Amateur film19223 minsSilent Location: Godalming

The timber-framed establishments of old Godalming lure shoppers with their enticing displays of yuletide fare and mistletoe.

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The CandlemakerThe Candlemaker

Animation & Artists Moving Image195713 mins

An animated tale with a Lutheran message that's equal parts Christmas spirit and good old-fashioned guilt

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TV mascot Gus Honeybun in Weymouth Christmas ParadeTV mascot Gus Honeybun in Weymouth Christmas Parade

Current affairs19801 minsSilent Location: Weymouth

The Royal Marines Band hold a Christmas Parade with Gus Honeybun in Weymouth.

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Our Christmas 1941 - Spent at Daisy's and Dolly'sOur Christmas 1941 - Spent at Daisy's and Dolly's

Amateur film19417 minsSilent

It's the season to eat, drink and be merry in the Tigg household, with feasting and jollity captured in this vivid amateur film.

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Magician's Wife Makes the Christmas CakeMagician's Wife Makes the Christmas Cake

Amateur film19498 minsSilent

There's magical mayhem in the kitchen when the magician's wife makes use of a most unusual cooking utensil - her husband's magic wand.

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Wartime Cinema Christmas GreetingWartime Cinema Christmas Greeting

Announcement19401 mins

A thoughtful Christmas message in hope of peace from early in WWII - the absence of loved ones hit hardest at holiday times.

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Kench Family Films: 1966, Redbridge and West End (1966)Kench Family Films: 1966, Redbridge and West End (1966)

Home movie196617 minsSilent Location: Ilford

Ilford parades, Post Office Tower views as well as weddings, birthdays and Christmas all feature on this fantastic home movie from Redbridge in 1966.

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Christmas 1963Christmas 1963

Amateur film19634 minsSilent

A table overladen with food, a wolf-pack of hungry visitors, trendy teenagers in the kitchen and lots of eating. It's Christmas 1963-style.

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The Streets of Hong Kong - Wintertime 1936The Streets of Hong Kong - Wintertime 1936

Amateur film193817 minsSilent Location: Hong Kong

Christmas decorations jostle for attention among thousands of street signs in this amateur exploration of Hong Kong Island’s busy streets.

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Christmas 1952 Santa Claus Comes to Craig Cefn ParcChristmas 1952 Santa Claus Comes to Craig Cefn Parc

Amateur film19524 minsSilent Location: Craig-cefn-parc

Santa Claus – wearing the traditional robes and a black mask – arrives in the village of Craig Cefn Parc, near Clydach, Swansea, with a horse-drawn sleigh full of presents.

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Gilchrist Brothers' & Childrens' Christmas PartiesGilchrist Brothers' & Childrens' Christmas Parties

Amateur film19465 minsSilent Location: Bradford

With the war now over, these children make the most of a civilized Christmas Party with home-made hats, dancing and tucking into the traditional fare of sandwiches and cakes.

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The Christmas VisitorThe Christmas Visitor

Animation & Artists Moving Image19587 mins

The Night Before Christmas meets Toy Story in this charming British cartoon from 1958.

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Two ColumbinesTwo Columbines

Drama191433 mins

Moving theatre-set Christmas tale of a former dancer and her child

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Christmas EveChristmas Eve

Drama191517 minsSilent

A heart-tugging moral melodrama with echoes of Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

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Boulter Family Films: Family and Friends Christmas Party, Becontree (1965)Boulter Family Films: Family and Friends Christmas Party, Becontree (1965)

Amateur film19652 minsSilent Location: Becontree

Two-minutes glimpse of an East London Christmas part, with a small amount of present-opening and a whole lot of hat-wearing and raucous dancing.

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Sidi Family Christmas 1974Sidi Family Christmas 1974

19747 mins Location: Leeds

This family film by eccentric and gifted filmmaker Alan Sidi could well have been made as a demonstration for other families on how to have a relaxed and enjoyable Christmas.

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Kingston & District Cine Club Xmas SocialKingston & District Cine Club Xmas Social

Amateur film19532 minsSilent Location: Kingston Upon Thames

Live music and dancing, party games and more are enjoyed by members of the cine club. For one fellow a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe!

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The Iles - in the garden, at the seaside, at ChristmasThe Iles - in the garden, at the seaside, at Christmas

Amateur film194010 minsSilent Location: Heath

Life with the Iles family: Summer is for cycling, the seaside, tending to tortoises and meeting delightful collie pups. Christmas is for crackers and the gift of a perfect doll.

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'Hello! Wintertime''Hello! Wintertime'

Non-Fiction19291 minsSilent Location: Glasgow

Pedestrians hustle briskly through a snowy George Square in Glasgow, while others stop to gawk at a stricken carthorse.

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Party StrifeParty Strife

Home movie195110 minsSilent Location: Norwich

Party hats and finger food, funny faces, and a snowball fight; the Lane-Scrutton families enjoy a Christmas get-together and a giggle in this 1951 home movie.

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The Traditions of a Surgeon at ChristmasThe Traditions of a Surgeon at Christmas

Amateur film196217 minsSilent Location: Cambridge

The filmic memoirs in Cambridgeshire of heart surgeon Christopher Parish and his family, beginning with Christmas traditions, and including a royal visit. The year is 1962.

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Your Stamp DutyYour Stamp Duty

Public Information Filler19471 mins

A rich spinster aunt, the last post before Christmas, and an expectant nephew with a fondness for port spell trouble in this short comic cinema ad.

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Whistle and I’ll Come to YouWhistle and I’ll Come to You

Amateur film195610 mins

A decade before the BBC's version of M R James supernatural classic came this chilling version from the North Downs Cinematograph Society

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The Little Match GirlThe Little Match Girl

Fairy tale19149 minsSilent

Richly detailed evocation of Hans Christian Andersen's heart-breaking parable.

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Christmas at the FrontChristmas at the Front

Non-Fiction19141 minsSilent

Poignant scenes of Allied troops enjoying their Yuletide rations at the first Christmas of WWI.

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Christmas Church ParadeChristmas Church Parade

Non-Fiction19141 minsSilent

Recruits of Lord Kitchener's 'New Army' parade on Christmas morning.

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Christmas at East Grinstead in 1972Christmas at East Grinstead in 1972

Amateur film197211 minsSilent Location: East Grinstead

Christmas features twice, in this 1970s compilation. After each Christmas dinner the family opens its presents. Dad gets underpants in 1972 and six years later - a compost bin.

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Christmas Celebrations and the Cruel CatChristmas Celebrations and the Cruel Cat

Amateur film19694 minsSilent

It's Christmas Day and while the family enjoys their annual feast the cat is having a Christmas 'banquet' of its own.

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Keep Them Safe, Keep Them HappyKeep Them Safe, Keep Them Happy

Charity appeal19392 minsSilent Location: Norwich

Sweet and touching wartime cinema appeal for 300,000 London children spending Christmas far from home.

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Drink Drive Office Party Cartoon Drink Drive Office Party Cartoon

Advert19641 mins

Quirky photo-montage film warning of the perils of drink driving.

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What's The Hurry?What's The Hurry?

Promotional19343 minsSilent Location: Walton-on-Thames

"Wise people are hastening to Walton-On-Thames". This inventive ad promotes the Surrey town as the ultimate Christmas shopping destination.

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Lloyd George at Home: Xmas 1938 & Jan 1939Lloyd George at Home: Xmas 1938 & Jan 1939

Amateur film19389 minsSilent Location: Churt

Santa Claus arriving at a house full of children on Xmas Day has not forgotten their elders - even Lloyd George gets a present! And the new year brings Chow Chow pups and snow.

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Christmas 1964 and 1965Christmas 1964 and 1965

Home movie19648 minsSilent Location: Sale

Christmas with a budgie and a Dalek keeps three generations of the family happy.

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Gary's 1st ChristmasGary's 1st Christmas

Home movie19614 minsSilent Location: Broughton

A teddy bear, a toy telephone, and lots more for baby Gary's first Christmas.

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Christmas StoryChristmas Story

Amateur film194510 minsSilent Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

A cautionary tale adds some chill to a drunk’s festive Christmas Eve.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image19885 mins

From Santa Cruz to Santa Claus? I feel a song coming on...

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A Christmas StoryA Christmas Story

Amateur film19523 minsSilent Location: Kent

It's Christmas 1952 and after the presents, the decorations and the cake are made ready, all generations of the family gather for the big party

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Christmas 1949Christmas 1949

Home movie19494 minsSilent Location: Galgate

Merry Christmas! Anyone up for a game of table tennis to work off the turkey?

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Herbert Campbell As Little BobbyHerbert Campbell As Little Bobby

Comedy18991 minsSilent

A not-so-little variety star shows off his appetite

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Tommys' Xmas PuddingTommys' Xmas Pudding

Non-Fiction19161 mins

Women factory workers go full steam to make sure troops on the Western Front have a little tradition at Christmas.

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Xmas 1937Xmas 1937

Amateur film19374 minsSilent

Join at the Yeatman family's Yuletide celebrations with this delightful home movie of their 1937 Christmas dinner.

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Christmas at Marlene's 1965Christmas at Marlene's 1965

Home movie19655 minsSilent Location: Sale

Oh, you really shouldn't have, but thank you - presents and party hats for everyone at a family Christmas.

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Geck Family Film Christmas 1962Geck Family Film Christmas 1962

Amateur film19626 minsSilent Location: North Walsham

A toy banjo and Groucho Marx novelty glasses-and-moustache supply all the fun for the youngest member of the Geck family at Christmastime.

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A Christmas PartyA Christmas Party

Amateur film19514 minsSilent Location: Wallsend

Baby boomers celebrate Christmas with a party at a prefab in post-war Wallsend.

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Family ChristmasFamily Christmas

Amateur film19524 minsSilent Location: Norwich

Christmas Day, Norwich 1952 and following the traditional lunch for 4 generations of the Youngs family and offspring - the party is out in the back garden for some fun and fresh air.

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Christmas 1935Christmas 1935

Amateur film193510 minsSilent Location: Middlesbrough

A Christmas tale of woe and merriment in Middlesbrough with a scary Santa and teetotaller tippler.

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Christmas at StaffordChristmas at Stafford

Amateur film19155 minsSilent Location: Stafford

The war rages elsewhere, but the festive season offers a brief escape

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Diamond Family ChristmasDiamond Family Christmas

Amateur film19637 minsSilent Location: Sidcup

It's Christmas in Sidcup in 1963 and the Diamond family - including dancing Nan - open presents, tuck into the turkey and raise a glass – or three

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Santa Claus' FactorySanta Claus' Factory

Non-Fiction19251 minsSilent

Topical Budget infiltrates a yuletide Aladdin’s Cave.

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Craig-cefn-parc: Mine, School and Christmas CakeCraig-cefn-parc: Mine, School and Christmas Cake

Home movie194814 minsSilent Location: Craig-cefn-parc

A stunning record of life in Craig-cefn-parc, Swansea, showing the local mine, the chapel (Pantycrwys), the school and the community.

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Scrooge; Or, Marley's GhostScrooge; Or, Marley's Ghost

Fantasy19016 minsSilent

Debut film outing for Dickens' Yuletide classic

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The Death of Poor JoeThe Death of Poor Joe

Drama19001 minsSilent

A scene from Bleak House is the first ever screen adaptation of Charles Dickens

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Boys Playing in SnowBoys Playing in Snow

Non-Fiction19001 minsSilent

Wintry fun as a gang of Victorian boys launch a boisterous snowball assault

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Our Christmas 1961Our Christmas 1961

Amateur film19614 minsSilent Location: Patcham

It’s Christmas morning at the Linehan household. Santa's been, the kids are happy and Dad's playing his guitar under the tree.

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Pole: CityPole: City

Home movie19585 minsSilent Location: Nottingham

The tree is up in Old Market Square, the pantomime is on; it's time to celebrate Christmas in Nottingham.

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Christmas Day Sports at Rhyl, 1920Christmas Day Sports at Rhyl, 1920

Non-Fiction19202 minsSilent Location: Rhyl

Happy festive hockey - just what the doctor ordered for seasonal over-indulgence?

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Christmas ExpenseChristmas Expense

News19714 mins Location: Plymouth

People are interviewed about that perennial question - the cost of Christmas.

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Christmas in Newham 1967Christmas in Newham 1967

Home movie19678 minsSilent Location: Upton Park

As picture-postcard snowfall blankets the world outside, a decorated East London home hosts a festive family Christmas get-together.

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Sledging at Cromer LighthouseSledging at Cromer Lighthouse

Home movie19302 minsSilent Location: Cromer

With Beacon Hill, the highest point in Norfolk, just three kilometres away the steep hillside down to the beach at Cromer offered excellent sledging in the 1930s.

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Christmas in Canterbury 1963Christmas in Canterbury 1963

Amateur film19632 minsSilent Location: Canterbury

John Clague's colourful film captures those last exciting days before Christmas – with Christmas trees and Christmas lights all ready for the big switch-on

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Christmas 1963Christmas 1963

Amateur film19633 minsSilent Location: Conisbrough

A new home and a crisp, dewy Christmas morning marks a fresh start for the Spurr family.

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Skating on Wimbledon CommonSkating on Wimbledon Common

Amateur film19502 minsSilent Location: Wimbledon Common

Crowds descend on this temporary skating rink and prove there's plenty of icy fun to be had even if you don't own a pair of fancy skates

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The Withycombe Raleigh PantomimeThe Withycombe Raleigh Pantomime

Current affairs197012 mins Location: Withycombe Raleigh

Angela Rippon reports on the Women's Institute's pantomime

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Dyson and Horsfall Xmas OrdersDyson and Horsfall Xmas Orders

Amateur film193810 minsSilent Location: Preston

Christmas planning on a grand scale in a Lancashire workplace.

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Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington

News19593 minsSilent Location: Pauntley Court

A medieval Lord Mayor of London and his famous cat are remembered in rural Gloucestershire.

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Winter in ScotlandWinter in Scotland

School programme and Educational film19609 minsSilent

Wrap up warm for a frosty portrait of a wintry 1960s Scotland in this chilly episode from the Seasons in Scotland educational series, with snowmen and snowball fights galore!

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Staff Wanted at Butlin's for ChristmasStaff Wanted at Butlin's for Christmas

Advert19630 mins

Free accommodation and festive fun in this period recruitment advert.

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Remington Four-Most Shaver Christmas CommercialRemington Four-Most Shaver Christmas Commercial

Advert19551 mins

Chock-full of 60s advert nostalgia, here is the ideal Christmas gift for every lantern-jawed Dad - the Remington Four-Most electric shaver

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The Great ExpeditionThe Great Expedition

Drama19599 mins Location: Westminster

Two young children skip school to do their Christmas shopping on Oxford Street.

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No East or WestNo East or West

Documentary195422 mins Location: Bayswater

From Africa to Bayswater: international students receive a charitable welcome in 1950s London.

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Snow BathingSnow Bathing

Non-Fiction19271 mins Location: Tring

There's no business like snow business for a Hertfordshire health resort, though this swim-suited snowball fight may be taking things too far.

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All England on IceAll England on Ice

Non-Fiction19251 minsSilent Location: Ruislip

A group of performing Russian Cossacks pose, skate and sledge on a frozen lake in Ruislip shortly before being deported from London.

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Skating in Oulton BroadSkating in Oulton Broad

Home movie19221 minsSilent Location: Oulton Broad

The once popular sport of Fen Skating, gracefully demonstrated on the frozen expanse of Oulton Broad near Lowestoft.

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