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TV mascot Gus Honeybun in Weymouth Christmas Parade

The Royal Marines Band hold a Christmas Parade with Gus Honeybun in Weymouth.

Current affairs 1980 1 mins Silent

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The Royal Marines Band Service or RMBS join the Royal Navy in holding a Christmas parade through the streets of Weymouth. Westward TV mascot Gus Honeybun takes part in the parade and visits a school for handicapped children to give out Christmas presents.

Gus Honeybun is the station mascot of Westward TV and Televsion South West (TSW) and was for 31 years second only to ‘Sooty and Sweep’. Originally a 5-minute buffer between programmes in 1961, Gus went on to host his own show “Gus Honeybun’s Magic Birthdays” and gained a huge fan base. The South West Film and Television Archive has a Gus Honeybun Suite dedicated to the popular fluffy bunny. Since 1992, Gus' Bunny Rights reside with Flambards in Cornwall.