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Winter in Scotland

Wrap up warm for a frosty portrait of a wintry 1960s Scotland in this chilly episode from the Seasons in Scotland educational series, with snowmen and snowball fights galore!

School programme and Educational film 1960 9 mins Silent

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Wrap up warm for a frosty portrait of 1960s Scotland in the Winter. Mischievous schoolboys brave the crisp weather in shorts and woollen knitted jumpers to throw snowballs across the playground. A friendly snowman is carved, but one young boy loses his warm hat to the jolly creation! Snow covered cars and fields, sharp icicles and heavy rain pounding puddles paint a wintry picture of Scotland for use in the classroom as part of the Seasons in Scotland educational series.

The Seasons in Scotland series was produced as an educational tool specifically for use in primary schools. The rest of the collection resides with the Scottish Screen Archive and includes titles on Spring, Summer and Autumn. The series was sponsored by the Scottish Educational Film Association (SEFA) and Scottish Film Council (SFC). These organisations worked together to promote the use of educational films and other visual aids in education. The film was produced by Templar Film Studios who made newsreels for companies including the BBC and produced current affairs programmes like ‘Panorama’. They worked on documentaries for industrial sponsors and agencies like the Films of Scotland Committee.