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Dodo in Christmas Adventure

Meet the animated sci-fi fixer from a strange atomic race who knows the value of Christmas.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1965 5 mins


Never heard of Dodo, the kid from outer space? He's the science fiction fixer from a strange atomic race! And he knows the value of Christmas - far more than his Earthly "friend" Professor Fingers who thinks that explosives make suitable presents for "the more stubborn boys". The propeller-heeled, antenna-eared Dodo featured in over 70 cartoons produced in Britain but mainly seen in North America.

The series was produced by Halas & Batchelor Cartoon Films, best known for their feature length animated version of George Orwell's Animal Farm produced a decade earlier. The series was conceived and written by Lady Stearn Robinson (the second wife of Nobel prize winning British chemist Sir Robert Robinson), and financed by Robert Maxwell's Anroste Productions. Eagle-eyed viewers might spot a recycled shot of Santa's sleigh from Halas & Batchelor's earlier film The Christmas Visitor (1958), with Dodo painted in.