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A Little Fragrance Clings to the Hand that Gives You Roses

Agnes Mendelstien is heading for a nervous breakdown as more and more unwanted Christmas presents from her over-generous suitor, start piling up.

Amateur film 1984 7 mins

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An unusual take on the 12 Days of Christmas story. A young woman, Agnes Mendelstein, gets more and more exasperated with her suitor as the gifts continue to pile up. By the twelfth day her lawyer intercedes, threatening Miss Mendelstein's boyfriend with shooting, should he turn up at the sanatorium where she has been admitted as a result of his misplaced generosity.

Established in 1949, the Haywards Heath Cine Society filmed numerous dramas, comedies, documentaries, special events as well as a number of club activities. It's still going strong and has been affiliated for many years to the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers.