Animals on Film

"Never work with animals or children," runs the old film industry saw. But British filmmakers have proven adept at both - and especially animals.

Britain's wildlife filmmakers have long been the envy of the world - well before the era of Sir David Attenborough. Back in the 1910s, 20s and 30s, resourceful, dogged and sometimes eccentric pioneers were exploring the borderlands of film and science. Others, meanwhile, were drawn to animals as a subject for much the same reasons as their audiences: the eternal appeal of soft fur and tender paws, of exotic plumage or fearsome claws. Whatever your own favourites, this menagerie has something for you. WARNING: A few films in this collection show practices that may upset some viewers, including what would now be widely considered animal cruelty. We've flagged potentially sensitive content with an on-screen warning and / or a note in the text where appropriate.

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Wisdom of the WildWisdom of the Wild

Documentary194012 mins

Fun mixture of natural history and wartime public information.

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Dog YearsDog Years

Comedy20044 mins

Sweet and funny short about a potty-mouthed dog who loves his owner

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Beetle RacingBeetle Racing

Non-Fiction19593 mins

Six legged competitors take to the starting blocks as a Midlands pub brings the sport of beetle racing to the world.

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Alligator on LizardAlligator on Lizard

Current affairs19715 mins Location: St Keverne

Daisy the pet alligator living on the Lizard in Cornwall

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Anoop and the ElephantAnoop and the Elephant

Children's197252 minsDirector: David Eady

Fun-packed comedy for kids, in which a boy befriends a baby elephant – then teams up with his friends to stop it being sold

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Open Your EyesOpen Your Eyes

Amateur film196714 mins Location: Thompson Common

Should you look hard enough, you’ll be amazed at the antics that creatures get up to, says Dorothy Maxey, amateur filmmaker and naturalist.

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The Living RainbowThe Living Rainbow

Amateur film197626 minsSilent Location: Thompson Common

Critters and blossoms of all colours, in Norfolk, captured on Super 8 colour Kodachrome by amateur filmmaker and naturalist Dorothy Maxey.

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Amateur film19626 mins Location: Moorlands

A rather different view of the world, as seen through the eyes of a poodle, as “Mimi” is taken for a walk by two ladies in their summer dresses.

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Tower Circus Elephants Bathing and Stanley ParkTower Circus Elephants Bathing and Stanley Park

Amateur film193010 minsSilent Location: Blackpool

It's nice to be beside the seaside, particularly if you're an elephant - meet some unusual visitors to Blackpool beach.

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Everywhere is a Wildlife ParkEverywhere is a Wildlife Park

Amateur film197019 mins Location: Norwich

No need to queue, and nothing to pay. All you need is a good pair of eyes ... because ‘everywhere is a wildlife park’.

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Whale in the TamarWhale in the Tamar

Current affairs19651 minsSilent Location: Lynher River or St Germans

Whale stranded on the banks of the Tamar

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Pond LifePond Life

Amateur film193413 mins

There's a whole world in a drop of water - take a closer look through a microscope.

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Peacocks and TragopansPeacocks and Tragopans

Nature and Science programme197011 mins Location: Great Witchingham

Norfolk’s Ornamental Pheasant Trust are devoted to preserving and breeding the world’s rarest and most beautiful pheasants.

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Kingsbridge Bird and Rabbit ShowKingsbridge Bird and Rabbit Show

Current affairs19631 minsSilent Location: Kingsbridge

Bird fanciers and rabbit lovers unite to celebrate feather and fur

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Almost HumanAlmost Human

Sponsored film19433 minsSilent Location: Cambridge

Possibly the cutest and quirkiest road safety film you are ever likely to watch, featuring a purely canine cast and a grocery shopping trip.

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Pheasants to FormosaPheasants to Formosa

Nature and Science programme196731 mins Location: Great Witchingham

Documentary about the work of The Pheasant Trust in Norfolk, and an investigation into Taiwanese practices to provide Chinese medicine.

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Parsons' PetsParsons' Pets

Amateur film19309 minsSilent Location: Sennen

A plethora of pets and their owners, the Parsons

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The Romance of the SwanThe Romance of the Swan

Amateur film193312 minsSilent Location: Wroxham Broad

An affectionate record of the nesting period of a female swan. Winner of the 'Home Movies' magazine amateur filmmaking competition, 1933.

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Roaming Wallabies at WhipsnadeRoaming Wallabies at Whipsnade

Home movie193019 minsSilent Location: Whipsnade

Dunstable Downs is not the usual habitat for roaming wallabies, unless, of course, you’re visiting Whipsnade Wild Animal Park in the 1930s.

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Monkey Mischief at WhipsnadeMonkey Mischief at Whipsnade

Home movie193015 minsSilent Location: Whipsnade

A spot of mischief on Chimpanzee Island attracts a large crowd at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park in this home movie footage captured in the 1930s.

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Chimps Tea Party at WhipsnadeChimps Tea Party at Whipsnade

Home movie193021 minsSilent Location: Whipsnade

Chimps take afternoon tea in this home movie, also featuring mammals, birds, and reptiles from all continents, resident at Whipsnade Zoo.

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Falconry Demonstration at Great Torrington SchoolFalconry Demonstration at Great Torrington School

Amateur film19641 minsSilent Location: Great Torrington

Falcon flies for Great Torrington School

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Just Call me BubblesJust Call me Bubbles

Amateur film19674 minsSilent Location: Polgooth

The Polgooth Inn St Austell has some unusual customers

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Horse TransportHorse Transport

Non-Fiction19754 mins Location: Birmingham

With petrol prices up and pollution levels rising, is it time to leave the car in the garage, forget the bus and instead rely on a different type of horse-power?

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Amateur film19492 minsSilent Location: West Sussex

A chestnut mare and her frisky foal frolic about a paddock while there's an outbreak of tweed at a local 'cross-country' event

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Bungay May Horse FairBungay May Horse Fair

Amateur film19764 minsSilent Location: Bungay

A unique two-day event in rural Suffolk, an opportunity for locals and countercultural types to return to rural community living.

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Foal's First FootstepsFoal's First Footsteps

Amateur film19356 minsSilent Location: West Sussex

This tender little film shows a new born foal exploring the world around it while its mother looks on

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This Horsey BusinessThis Horsey Business

Amateur film197511 mins Location: Chartham

Everything you ever wanted to know about the equestrian set - but were afraid to ask - is explained in this fascinating short film

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Eileen and her show horseEileen and her show horse

Amateur film19303 minsSilent Location: Sennen

Eileen and her show horse take to the ring as sidesaddle falls out of favour

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Tofield: RacingTofield: Racing

Amateur film19364 minsSilent Location: Flagg Moor

Spring in Derbyshire sees the High Peak Harriers take to the turf for racing at Flagg Moor.

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Turkey and her PoultsTurkey and her Poults

Amateur film19452 minsSilent Location: Heptonstall

Mrs Turkey goes on the warpath when her newly-hatched poults are threatened by the farmer and his dog

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Lena Partridge At the LiveryLena Partridge At the Livery

Amateur film196010 minsSilent Location: New Forest

Join the girls and the boys, both young and old, of the equine set as they hunt with hounds, trot about gardens and attend gymkhanas

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Pheasant - from egg to larderPheasant - from egg to larder

Amateur film192918 minsSilent Location: Wootton St Lawrence

The stages of a pheasant's short life are shown in this fascinating film - from being an egg to its violent end on someone's dinner plate

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Bentley WildfowlBentley Wildfowl

Amateur film19686 minsSilent Location: Halland

A variety of wildfowl from across the world feature in this film of the Bentley Wildfowl Collection

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Pet CrowPet Crow

Current affairs19833 minsSilent Location: Brixton

A pet crow responds to its owner

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Pigeon FancierPigeon Fancier

Current affairs19673 mins Location: Plymouth

A pigeon fancier from Plymouth talks about his sport

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Charity Ferret WalkCharity Ferret Walk

Non-Fiction19725 mins Location: Evesham

Has raising money 'for old people' ever been more uncomfortable? Nicky Roberts plans to walk 13 miles with two ferrets down his trousers. He's surely risking more than a few nips!

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Lloyd George with Dogs and BookLloyd George with Dogs and Book

Non-Fiction19293 minsSilent Location: Churt

A summer's day, dogs and a book and the attention of a newsreel cameraman – what more could David Lloyd George (British prime minister 1916-22) possibly want?

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The Solihull Rat ClubThe Solihull Rat Club

Amateur film19388 minsSilent Location: Solihull

The bodies soon pile up when the lads of the Solihull Rat Club let their dogs loose on the town's infestation.

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A Day at the ZooA Day at the Zoo

Home movie195010 minsSilent Location: Dudley

Polar bears and big cats far from their natural habitat try to make the most of life in a West Midlands zoo.

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A Day at the Races - BangaloreA Day at the Races - Bangalore

Home movie19297 minsSilent

A day at the races is not much fun if your mount is insisting on behaving like a crab! Karolie Kathleen Buckley (nee Kemmis) does her best in the Ladies Race but it's not enough to win.

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Who Killed the Bears?Who Killed the Bears?

Non-Fiction19645 mins Location: Cinderford

24 April 1889 - a crime is committed against two animals and the repercussions reverberate into the next century.

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It’s The Circus Parts 1 & II, OlympiaIt’s The Circus Parts 1 & II, Olympia

Promotional195515 minsSilent Location: Olympia

Bears, tigers and elephants perform for the crowds in this compelling colour footage from the Christmas circus at Olympia.

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Mills Chimps, OlympiaMills Chimps, Olympia

Amateur film19548 minsSilent Location: Olympia

Chimpanzees from one of London’s best-known circuses clown around for the Christmas audience at Kensington Olympia.

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Stars In A Ring, OlympiaStars In A Ring, Olympia

Promotional193515 minsSilent Location: Olympia

Illuminated carriages, exotic acrobats and boxing clowns all feature in this extended film of highlights from the Bertram Mills Circus at Olympia.

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Bertram Mills Circus, OlympiaBertram Mills Circus, Olympia

Promotional19354 minsSilent Location: Olympia

Elephants, acrobats, clowns and cowboys all feature in this highlights reel from the annual Bertram Mills Circus at Olympia.

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Post-War Backstage Stables and Ring Scenes, Ascot & OlympiaPost-War Backstage Stables and Ring Scenes, Ascot & Olympia

Amateur film19554 minsSilent Location: Olympia

Hair-combing chimps, performing elephants and a toothsome cheetah feature in this film of the Bertram Mills Circus.

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The Circus Is Back, OlympiaThe Circus Is Back, Olympia

Promotional19595 minsSilent Location: Olympia

Swoon at the costumes, laugh at the clowns and wonder at the elephants as the cast of the Bertram Mills Circus enter the ring for another stellar performance.

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Documentary193615 mins

Follow the life cycle of the king of crustaceans in this quirky documentary by Bauhaus artist László Moholy-Nagy.

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The FlyThe Fly

Non-Fiction193210 minsSilent

Wage war on the disease-spreading fly with this forthright public information film

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Winged WorkersWinged Workers

Nature and Science programme19496 minsSilent Location: Headingley

An extraordinary film made by amateurs showing a wide variety of species of bees in close up feeding from an equally wide variety of flowers.

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Studies in Animal MotionStudies in Animal Motion

Interest film192210 minsSilent

Captivating slow-motion and quadrupeds aplenty in this fascinating look at animal movement

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The Sheep StealerThe Sheep Stealer

Drama19089 minsSilent

Stealing a sheep is not as easy as it might seem! They are hefty, unwieldy beasts as the desperate father with starving family discovers in this William Haggar production.

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Pond LifePond Life

Amateur film19356 minsSilent Location: Kent

All looks peaceful on the surface of this pond - but the depths below contain some fearsome creatures - though you need a microscope to see them

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Pupils at Chester Zoo 1969Pupils at Chester Zoo 1969

Amateur film19694 minsSilent Location: Upton Heath

Don't climb into the bear pit, children! All the fun of the zoo, as Liverpool pupils visit the wildlife of Chester.

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Fire Fighting Wolf HoundsFire Fighting Wolf Hounds

Non-Fiction19261 minsSilent Location: Roehampton

Bravura performance from some German Shepherds, who leap over high walls and through burning barriers at this demonstration in Roehampton.

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Crufts 1962Crufts 1962

Amateur film196210 minsSilent Location: Olympia

Heads up, tails up, ears brushed? Furry frolics from London's Olympia, and a starring role for man's best friend.

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Sparta the DogSparta the Dog

Amateur film195722 minsSilent Location: Great Yarmouth

An affectionate record of a family pet, Sparta the Springer Spaniel who leads a full and active life, but with plenty of cuddles from her family.

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Totnes Course for Dog TrainersTotnes Course for Dog Trainers

Current affairs19631 minsSilent Location: Totnes

How to train your dog

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Dog Show ClassesDog Show Classes

Amateur film19325 minsSilent Location: Stockport

Now don't laugh! A dog show is a serious matter for these young owners and their pets.

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A Cat Is a CatA Cat Is a Cat

Animation & Artists Moving Image19719 mins

…and that is that. A playful animated meditation on our feline friends with some beautiful artwork.

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Chester Zoo 1952Chester Zoo 1952

Amateur film19528 minsSilent Location: Upton Heath

An old-fashioned family day out at the zoo, but is it fun for all?

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The Burial of JackdawThe Burial of Jackdaw

Home movie19201 minsSilent Location: Cockermouth

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes - children from a Cumbrian family organise a dignified end for a small creature.

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Who's Zoo at Belle VueWho's Zoo at Belle Vue

Amateur film194816 minsSilent Location: Belle Vue

Meet Larry the Llama and Joey the Boxing Chimp from Belle Vue Zoo. But what is The Clutching Hand? Find out more...

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Blackpool Outdoor Dog Show 1960Blackpool Outdoor Dog Show 1960

Amateur film196012 minsSilent Location: Blackpool

Have a doggy treat - and meet some very well groomed visitors to Blackpool.

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The Taming of the ElephantThe Taming of the Elephant

Home movie192920 minsSilent

A ‘Khedda' – the practice (now banned) of trapping and taming wild elephants using already tamed elephants – is here recorded in detail by the fascinated film-maker.

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Nursery IslandNursery Island

Documentary193618 mins Location: Farne Islands

The birdlife of Northumberland's Farne Islands comes under the spotlight in this pioneering documentary from the Secrets of Life nature series.

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Once We Were FourOnce We Were Four

Documentary19429 mins

Innocent bunnies face an onslaught of badgers, bombs and birds of prey in this black comedy masquerading as a nature film.

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Market TownMarket Town

Travelogue194210 mins Location: Newark-on-Trent

Rise and shine! Newark market calls with a seductive array of produce.

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Horses at Ascot, Winter Quarters, AscotHorses at Ascot, Winter Quarters, Ascot

Amateur film193912 minsSilent Location: Ascot

Colour footage from the Bertram Mills Circus’ winter base in Ascot showing training for the Christmas show at Olympia.

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"Around and About" 1949"Around and About" 1949

Amateur film194925 minsSilent Location: Rumney

A summer of shows – Rumney Horse Show Society's Show, Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural Show, Usk Farmers' Club Show – and a visit to Bristol Zoo where children ride on an elephant.

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Whipsnade Zoological ParkWhipsnade Zoological Park

Amateur film19364 minsSilent Location: Whipsnade

The Cox family, from Warwickshire, visit Whipsnade Zoo where they commune with a parrot. Once home, their beloved dog, Smut, is given a bath in the garden.

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Barnstaple's Pet PumaBarnstaple's Pet Puma

Current affairs19761 minsSilent Location: Barnstaple

The Beast of Bodmin - A pet puma takes its owner for a walk in Barnstaple, Devon

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Lost Mother April 1925Lost Mother April 1925

Home movie19255 minsSilent Location: Plas Newydd

A dog does what dogs do in this drama created by the 6th Marquis of Anglesey, featuring a lost mother, two frightened daughters and a faithful, if slobbering, hound.

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To the RescueTo the Rescue

Children's195221 minsSilent Location: Biddenden

An eccentric dog-loving grocer leads the chase to reclaim a stolen pedigree poodle in this madcap canine comedy

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Sheep DogSheep Dog

Drama-documentary193915 mins Location: Treorchy/Treorci

The Ocean Coal Co. employed not just miners but also shepherds, as evidenced here. Tom Jones of Treorchy protects the company's assets above ground with care and great skill.

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Juno Helps OutJuno Helps Out

Children's195319 mins Location: London

Helpful and humongous Great Dane Juno helps out with housework, does some shopping and chomps cream cake in this cheerful kids' film

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Fricker's Trained AlsatiansFricker's Trained Alsatians

Documentary194514 minsSilent Location: Pudsey

An intriguing look at the training of police dogs, climbing up ladders blindfolded and rescuing documents from wounded soldiers.

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Turners Hill OutingTurners Hill Outing

Amateur film197521 minsSilent Location: Turners Hill

Members of the Complete Angler Fishing Club of Eastbourne enjoy some angling action on a lake at Turner's Hill near Crawley

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Fish ConservationFish Conservation

Amateur film196411 mins Location: Eastbourne

Watch these men in wellies and waders as they attempt to remove five-thousand bream from a small lake in Sussex - in a single day!

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Rover Makes GoodRover Makes Good

Children's195216 mins Location: Callington

A rascally sheepdog redeems himself when he goes to the rescue of two children trapped in an old Cornish tin mine

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Animal CrackersAnimal Crackers

Documentary197524 mins Location: Twycross Zoo

The British are crazy about their animals: Molly drinks tea with her chimps, Sylvia dyes her tiny poodle pink and Malcolm sings to his pigs.

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A Journal of the Outdoors No. 11A Journal of the Outdoors No. 11

195316 mins

Wildfowl and wallabies in the wild, exotic animals in the office

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Three Dogs in a BoatThree Dogs in a Boat

Amateur film19302 minsSilent Location: Sennen

Sink or swim as Rub and his chums are set adrift

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Home for NedHome for Ned

Amateur film19708 mins Location: Newchapel

Enjoy this heartwarming film about neglected horses, ponies and donkeys being re-habilitated at 'Cherry Tree Farm' in leafy Surrey

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Billy Smart’s CircusBilly Smart’s Circus

Amateur film19502 minsSilent Location: Brighton

Brighton's crowds thrill to the sight of Billy Smart's Circus parading through their town in this film from the 1950s

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Do you remember?Do you remember?

Amateur film195018 minsSilent Location: Lone Barn Fm

Cowboys, Carnivals and Mayors on the slide appear alongside the most beserk and hilarious donkey race you'll ever see in Sussex

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Outing to Longleat Wildlife ParkOuting to Longleat Wildlife Park

Amateur film19729 minsSilent Location: Longleat Park

Enjoy a day-trip 70s style as we join the Mitchell family on their big game safari at Longleat - with lions, baboons and giraffes doing the splits

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Beer-drinking BillyBeer-drinking Billy

Current affairs19671 mins Location: Frithelstock

Beer Billy

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Abbotsbury SwanneryAbbotsbury Swannery

Nature and Science programme19838 mins Location: Chesil Beach

Mute swans at the Abbotsbury Swannery have something to say

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The Princess and the PirateThe Princess and the Pirate

Nature and Science programme198326 mins Location: Bude

The successful return of Peregrines to the North Cornish coast

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Elephants in PlymouthElephants in Plymouth

Current affairs19631 minsSilent Location: Plymouth

Indian Elephants descend at Friary Train Station and walk the streets of Plymouth

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The Animal WorldThe Animal World

Amateur film19356 minsSilent Location: Lancashire

See a baby owl learning to fly, as an amateur filmmaker introduces us to some of his animal and avian acquaintances.

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Ginger TomGinger Tom

Amateur film19501 minsSilent Location: Winspit

Oh to be Ginger Tom the cat and while away the hours!

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Tiger Cubs holiday in the South WestTiger Cubs holiday in the South West

Current affairs19692 minsSilent Location: Bridport

Tiger cubs from Chessington Zoo take a break from it all

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Tiger cubs born at Paignton ZooTiger cubs born at Paignton Zoo

Current affairs19731 minsSilent Location: Paignton

Cubs come out to play at Paignton Zoo

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I Guinea PigI Guinea Pig

Children's19835 mins Location: South Shields

The do’s and don’ts of pet care explained by a cute cartoon guinea pig created by celebrated British animator Sheila Graber.

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I DogI Dog

Children's19835 mins Location: South Shields

Meet a puppy dog in a “warm, hairy world” who would like you to cater for his every need.

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I PonyI Pony

Children's19835 mins Location: South Shields

A gallop through the do’s and don’ts of pet care narrated by a plump pony with personality.

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The Magic BoxThe Magic Box

Home movie19656 mins Location: Crigglestone

A young girl takes on the Desmond Morris (or perhaps Johnny Morris) role for this enchanting film of a family birdwatching in their back garden.

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Feeding Time at the ZooFeeding Time at the Zoo

Amateur film195712 mins Location: Upton Heath

Here's a good way to work up an appetite - a boy goes out and about at the zoo.

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Mingo & Jerry, Thea and JerryMingo & Jerry, Thea and Jerry

Home movie19311 minsSilent Location: Llandegfan

Mingo, Jerry and Thea: names of the dogs or people seen? Either way, they will be connected, for sure, with Isla Johnston of Bryn Mêl, Glyngarth, Anglesey, who shot the footage.

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A Year and a DayA Year and a Day

Nature and Science programme195414 minsSilent Location: Headingley

The metamorphosis of the eating machine which is the caterpillar, into an Emperor Moth, revealed in all its detail and presented in 15 minutes.

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Documentary198524 mins Location: Lofthouse Hill

Mucking out the loft, the serious business of setting the racing clocks, the anxious wait for the pigeons return home, and finally, a beer.

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Hot DogsHot Dogs

Documentary197010 mins Location: Bingley

The quirks of a whippet race, with novices in winklepickers learning from the old hands, all fully elucidated in broad West Yorkshire dialect.

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£100 Reward£100 Reward

Crime19087 minsSilent

A spirited crime-busting yarn for dog lovers everywhere, as man's best friend proves his worth

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Sally the SparrowSally the Sparrow

Documentary19459 mins Location: Camden Town

Explore London Zoo with one of its greediest residents, Sally the sparrow.

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Wild Birds in Their HauntsWild Birds in Their Haunts

Interest film19094 minsSilent

Close-ups of wild birds in their natural habitat to inspire wonder in cinema audiences worldwide

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Pwtan the KittenPwtan the Kitten

Home movie19602 minsSilent Location: Pwllheli

Gardener’s nightmare: a kitten at large in a flower bed!

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Horse TaleHorse Tale

Home movie19603 minsSilent

William Lloyd Ellis of Pwllheli celebrates daughter Fiona’s love of horses in this compilation showing her on seaside ponies and trekking.

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Two White RabbitsTwo White Rabbits

Home movie19290 minsSilent

The two children seen here could not have been happier if their two, newly-acquired white rabbits had been pulled out of a hat!

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Parsonage Farm I – cats, dogs, children and tea-timeParsonage Farm I – cats, dogs, children and tea-time

Home movie195114 minsSilent

Life at Parsonage farm includes courageous cats, cute kittens, sweet Shetland collies, appealing puppies and kids in the kitchen.

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Parsonage Farm II – cats, ducks, cows, daisies - and seagullsParsonage Farm II – cats, ducks, cows, daisies - and seagulls

Home movie19413 minsSilent

It’s summertime and it’s fun for the Pym children - Michael and Frances – to play on the duck house and pick daisies.

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Parsonage Farm III – kids, cat, chick and childrenParsonage Farm III – kids, cat, chick and children

Home movie19424 minsSilent

Arnold William Pym’s entrancing shots of Parsonage Farm’s animals: goat kids encounter a cat, and a cat is fazed by a chick!

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Beautiful BudgieBeautiful Budgie

Home movie19552 minsSilent

Reflective items in the home spark the interest of a budgerigar.

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Plas Newydd, AngleseyPlas Newydd, Anglesey

Home movie192410 minsSilent Location: Plas Newydd

Three loyal labradors - Brandy, Biscuit and Bran – are solid members of the dog fraternity that is part of life at ‘Plas Newydd’.

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Dumb SagacityDumb Sagacity

Action and Adventure19077 minsSilent Location: Bognor Regis

Delightful rescue yarn with a smart dog and horse working together to save a young girl from drowning in Bognor.

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Forest PonyForest Pony

Children's197223 mins Location: New Forest

Short kids' adventure about Bonny, a wild New Forest pony, and some dodgy horse thieves.