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Lost Mother April 1925

A dog does what dogs do in this drama created by the 6th Marquis of Anglesey, featuring a lost mother, two frightened daughters and a faithful, if slobbering, hound.

Home movie 1925 5 mins Silent

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When ‘Mother' goes missing and her two ‘daughters' are distraught and lost in the wild woods, a faithful if slobbering hound comes to the rescue, playing his part in this ‘Plas Newydd' family drama with gusto and delight. It was shot by the 6th Marquis of Anglesey in the grounds of his ancestral seat at Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll, and features two of his daughters - Ladies Caroline and Elizabeth Paget – and a relative, Pauline Stapleton-Cotton.

There are a number of different shots on this reel, following the initial ‘lost mother' drama. Some would seem to be off-cuts from the drama; others may have been intended for the creation of a further drama and include the Marquis himself, with false moustache. Either way, they are interesting not least for showing the garden and grounds of ‘Plas Newydd', which can be glimpsed in the background, through the trees, in some shots.