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Little Boy's Dream

What dreams may come when a treasured possession is aggressively broken? Unfinished drama starring Anglesey’s Earl of Uxbridge as a poor boy.

Home movie 1937 6 mins Silent

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An unfinished drama shot by Lady Caroline Paget, eldest daughter of the 6th Marquis of Anglesey, in the grounds of 'Plas Newydd'. Home from school for the holidays, Caroline’s brother Henry, Earl of Uxbridge, assumes the role of a ragged poor boy (with good quality pyjamas and sheets on his bed!) whose treasured, possibly only, possession - a model sail boat - is wrecked by a delivery boy from the firm 'Blogs'. What dreams may come after such an upset in a life already troubled?

Lady Caroline and the Marquis filmed a number of dramas and home movies over a period of years, always involving members of the family and friends and, at least in the case of the film ‘Pink Shirts’, their staff. This film includes friend Angus Menzies (as the mechanic) and, possibly, Henry’s twin, Katherine, and another sister, Mary. It is a pity that the film was never finshed - perhaps Henry had to go back to school before it could be completed.