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Silly silent film fun and thrills abound in this award-winning 1954 amateur short spoofing the world of Hollywood trailers.

Amateur film 1954 4 mins Silent


"Thundering out of an untamed territory comes a story of tumult and passion" screams the first cheeky intertitle in this cheerfully silly spoof of Hollywood film trailers, stuffed full of wacky sight gags and quirky captions. The brainchild of Tony Rose of the High Wycombe Film Society, it was chosen as one of the ten best amateur films of 1954 by Amateur Cine World magazine.

Tony Rose carried on shooting cine films in the decades that followed, and went on to become editor of the magazine, eventually renamed Movie Maker. He subsequently relocated to Bangor, Belfast, and 1979 saw Tony presented with a special Ten Best 'Oscar' - a long service award for amateur filmmaking.