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Cowboys, Carnivals and Mayors on the slide appear alongside the most beserk and hilarious donkey race you'll ever see in Sussex

Amateur film 1950 18 mins Silent

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This hilarious compilation begins with the Dinnage family and their Irish donkeys followed by a bizarre gymkhana. There's a parade in the arena followed by children playing games on donkey-back. An extraordinary donkey race follows with children and adults joining the racers round the circuit. Next we see a new playground slide being officially inaugurated by the Lord Mayor - who takes the first slide and the film ends with some stunt riding by celebrity cowboy Buck Ryan.

A. J. Birch, who was possibly a founder member of the Haywards Heath Cine & Video Society, made this charming compilation in the early to mid-1950s. In this film, as well as numerous donkey escapades, he captured the very early years of the Beech Hurst Miniature Railway, which began operating soon after Easter Saturday 1954.