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Pheasants to Formosa

Documentary about the work of The Pheasant Trust in Norfolk, and an investigation into Taiwanese practices to provide Chinese medicine.

Nature and Science programme 1967 31 mins Not rated

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Tells the story of the return to Taiwan of Swinhoe's pheasants, bred by The Pheasant Trust and released in their native land to reinforce the wild population which was threatened with extinction. The filmmaker travels with the pheasants, stopping at Taipei, then leaving the heat and smog of the capital, taking a trip into the remote interior of the island in search of wildlife, before returning to the city and investigating Taiwanese practices to provide Chinese medicine.

PLEASE NOTE: This film shows Taiwanese practices of wild animal trading, including hunting for and capturing animals. One sequence filmed at a Taiwanese market includes a man skinning a live snake, an example of a practice for providing Chinese medicine.