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Charity Ferret Walk

Has raising money 'for old people' ever been more uncomfortable? Nicky Roberts plans to walk 13 miles with two ferrets down his trousers. He's surely risking more than a few nips!

Non-Fiction 1972 5 mins

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Chris Tarrant, always on the look-out for the local news eccentric, visits Evesham where he meets Nicky Roberts who, together with other regulars from the Gardener's Arms, is planning to raise money by walking the 13 miles from Worcester back to their pub. This may not sound too much of a challenge but as Nicky is doing it with ferrets stuffed down his trousers and coal man Norman Staite is lugging one of his sacks on the journey it will be quite feat.

Nicky Roberts only managed two miles of the 13, stopping after he was bitten by one of his furry passengers. He subsequently told the local press that he had to pinch the offending animal's tail to get it off. Norman Staite was more successful, managing twelve and a half miles with his hundred weight of coal and, in so doing, setting a new distance record.