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Blackpool Outdoor Dog Show 1960

Have a doggy treat - and meet some very well groomed visitors to Blackpool.

Amateur film 1960 12 mins Silent

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The Blackpool sun shines upon the show dogs and their proud owners in this delightful colour film. Onlookers and judges cast an expert eye on the - mostly - well-behaved canines padding and prancing around the ring. The great and small of the dog world are here, from Irish wolfhounds to tiny terriers, and of course, the photogenic Afghan hounds, ears and tails blowing in the breeze.

Filmmaker Bill Hall recorded dog shows around the country from the 1950s to 1980s. An experienced breeder of Afghan hounds - kennel name Barbille - he was also the author of a book on the breed, and, for many years, a columnist for a weekly UK dog newspaper.