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Easter Holiday Scenes

It’s Easter and men, women and children all over England enjoy a day out, be it on the beach, at the races or at the zoo

Non-Fiction 1929 8 mins


It's Easter 1929 and people have found a variety of ways to make the most of the holiday. There are children enjoying donkey rides and Punch & Judy shows on Blackpool beach, crowds watching the races at Kempton Park, numerous beaches and piers, a visit to London Zoo and a tantalising glimpse of people riding an elephant. This haphazard collection of newsreel production material was clearly not meant for release in this form, but that hasn’t lessened the impact of seeing people enjoying leisure time almost a century ago.

Part of the fun in watching this film is trying to work out where it was filmed. Aside from those locations mentioned above we also see Lord Street in Southport, Liverpool docks, Hampton Court Palace and maybe most curiously, Oldham Mumps train station. Can you identify anywhere else?