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The Lancashire Way

A tribute to Lancashire, land of industry, leisure, sublime landscape - and laundry detergent

Advert 1948 4 mins


Lancashire, Britain's industrial powerhouse gave us cotton, the Manchester Ship Canal, Blackpool illuminations, and the sublime rolling heather-purpled hills and the shimmering waters of the Lake District. And lest we forget, Lancashire also gave us the laundry detergent Lanry - the brand sponsored this adulatory travelogue.

Travelogues proved a popular fixture in cinema programmes up until the 1980s and were therefore frequently sponsored by commercial organisations such as train companies and tourist boards. Only in the last few moments does the sponsor of this travelogue of Lancashire reveal itself. This clever ploy means that the viewer's enjoyment of the travelogue is for the most part uninterrupted and they are left with the catchy slogan: "No scrubbing, no rubbing, no backache" ringing in their ears.