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Felling of Hibson Road Brick Works Chimney in Nelson (1906)

A chimney explosion in Edwardian Nelson, near Burnley, presents an exciting public spectacle.

Non-Fiction 1906 2 mins Silent


Many of Mitchell and Kenyon's films celebrate the industrial landscape. This film takes the opposite approach, revelling in the 'thrilling scenes' of the destruction of an imposing feature on this Lancashire town's skyline. The demolition makes a fine spectacle (and a very filmic one) and attracts quite a crowd. This was a chimney belonging to the now long-gone Hibson Road brick works.

With its colossal explosion and smouldering remains, this is an unusually dramatic film for Mitchell and Kenyon. Within seconds of the chimney's collapse, crowds swarm in to inspect the site - health and safety are clearly not much of a concern as people smile, wave and salute the camera.