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Welcome Spring

Spring comes to Scotland in the 1950s: feed playful lambs, pick a host of glorious daffodils, and harness your faithful horse to the plough in this lovely amateur colour film.

Amateur film 1952 9 mins Silent

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Shrug off the winter blues and bring some spring colour into your life. Take a stroll through the woods as trees return to life, or watch the swans gliding on the pond. Feed some playful lambs, pick a host of glorious daffodils, and harness your horse to the plough, as spring comes to Scotland in the 1950s. A lovely amateur film from David Sime for the Scottish Countryside Commission.

David Sime was a pharmacist, photographer and President of the Scottish Countryside Club, which promoted the enjoyment of nature and the outdoors, hillwalking and rambling, as well as holding social events such as an annual concert and garden parties, with much hilarity in evidence. The club travelled all over Scotland, but many walks were held near to the central belt, with outings to locations such as the Trossachs and Loch Lomond proving popular. Mr Sime’s films depicted traditional industries such as farming and fishing, as well as scenic landscapes and walks. Many of these landscapes remain unchanged, but the style and the gear of the walkers is very different to the equipment of today’s adventurers.