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Windsor Safari Park and a visit to Blackpool

Join the Lee family as they tour Windsor Safari Park and its famous Dolphinarium in this film from 1971. Then follow them to Blackpool Beach for pony trekking and donkey rides.

Amateur film 1971 5 mins Silent

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We first see lions lounging about before we arrive at the Dolphnarium. Several dolphins and an orca are seen performing tricks. Children crowd around an elephant and the Lee children feed ducks on a pond. We then move to the beach at Blackpool where the Lee children run about at low-tide, while pony trekkers traverse the beach. After visiting floral gardens we're back at the beach, where it's now high-tide. Donkeys standing by the sea-wall are stroked by the children.

Windsor Safari Park was built on St Leonard's Hill, a 144 acre estate near Windsor, owned by the circus proprietor Billy Smart. Following his death in 1966, his sons conceived and built a drive-through Safari Park which opened in 1969. Animals were kept in enclosures, aviaries and a dolphinarium called Sea World. There was also a funfair. For many years it was a popular attraction as well as a centre for research and conservation. The park was sold in 1988 to Themes International Ltd who planned major new developments despite experiencing financial difficulties. By January 1992 the park and its owners went into receivership and the site was sold to the Lego Group who have since created Legoland on the site.