Cats v Dogs

Pampered pooches or fabulous felines? It’s the eternal popularity contest.

From human companions to internet superstars, cats and dogs have long been in competition for the top spot in our affections. In this collection our age-old infatuation is laid bare in home movies and newsreels, in dramas, comic skits and animation. We were capturing our fluffy friends’ antics on film long before the smartphone arrived - in fact since the very dawn of cinema. But the big question is: which is the best? You decide!

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Mingo & Jerry, Thea and JerryMingo & Jerry, Thea and Jerry

Home movie19311 minsSilent Location: Llandegfan

Mingo, Jerry and Thea: names of the dogs or people seen? Either way, they will be connected, for sure, with Isla Johnston of Bryn Mêl, Glyngarth, Anglesey, who shot the footage.

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Hot DogsHot Dogs

Documentary197010 mins Location: Bingley

The quirks of a whippet race, with novices in winklepickers learning from the old hands, all fully elucidated in broad West Yorkshire dialect.

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Firewatch DogFirewatch Dog

Government sponsored film19431 mins

An English Bull Terrier warns wartime cinema goers to put their cigarettes out with more care.

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Pwtan the KittenPwtan the Kitten

Home movie19602 minsSilent Location: Pwllheli

Gardener’s nightmare: a kitten at large in a flower bed!

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Farming Scenes at Little LondonFarming Scenes at Little London

Amateur film193512 minsSilent Location: Little London

Little disturbs the peace in Little London - despite some foxhunting, polo and the Second World War!

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Ginger TomGinger Tom

Amateur film19501 minsSilent Location: Winspit

Oh to be Ginger Tom the cat and while away the hours!

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Cat & Dog LifeCat & Dog Life

Non-Fiction19286 minsSilent Location: Crystal Palace

Dogs and cats go on show at two princely London venues – among them some of the fluffiest kittens London is ever likely to see.

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Cats on the HearthCats on the Hearth

Public Information Filler19579 mins

Lovers of cute cats will lap up this RSPCA film, about how to make friends with your feline

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Sparta the DogSparta the Dog

Amateur film195722 minsSilent Location: Great Yarmouth

An affectionate record of a family pet, Sparta the Springer Spaniel who leads a full and active life, but with plenty of cuddles from her family.

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Farm work: earth, oats, milk and concreteFarm work: earth, oats, milk and concrete

School programme and Educational film195911 minsSilent Location: Maesmawr Hall

On the farm there is heavy work to be done (ploughing, silage-making, concrete-ing) and lighter jobs (feeding fluffy chicks and tabby cats).

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Dog Show ClassesDog Show Classes

Amateur film19325 minsSilent Location: Stockport

Now don't laugh! A dog show is a serious matter for these young owners and their pets.

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Dog YearsDog Years

Comedy20044 mins

Sweet and funny short about a potty-mouthed dog who loves his owner

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Plas Newydd, AngleseyPlas Newydd, Anglesey

Home movie192410 minsSilent Location: Plas Newydd

Three loyal labradors - Brandy, Biscuit and Bran – are solid members of the dog fraternity that is part of life at ‘Plas Newydd’.

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The Cat that Walked by HimselfThe Cat that Walked by Himself

Children's198315 mins Location: South Shields

Appealing 1980s animation of Rudyard Kipling’s children’s fable in which a cave woman’s magic fails to tame a cat with attitude.

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Parsonage Farm II – cats, ducks, cows, daisies - and seagullsParsonage Farm II – cats, ducks, cows, daisies - and seagulls

Home movie19413 minsSilent

It’s summertime and it’s fun for the Pym children - Michael and Frances – to play on the duck house and pick daisies.

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Me and My Two FriendsMe and My Two Friends

18980 minsSilent Location: Worthing

A beatific image of Victorian childhood

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The Lassie and Her DogThe Lassie and Her Dog

Comedy19013 minsSilent

A pet dog submits to his mistress’s beautifying ministrations

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The Cat and the Woman, A Cautionary TaleThe Cat and the Woman, A Cautionary Tale

Animation & Artists Moving Image19872 mins

A woman loses her head to a cat in return for a man.

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Rover Makes GoodRover Makes Good

Children's195216 mins Location: Callington

A rascally sheepdog redeems himself when he goes to the rescue of two children trapped in an old Cornish tin mine

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Boy and the CatBoy and the Cat

Animation & Artists Moving Image197610 mins Location: South Shields

A boy and his cat make mischief in the snow at South Shields in this captivating hand-drawn childrens animation created by Sheila Graber.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image19731 mins

Home safety is child's play if you have the feline guardian angel of the 70s on hand

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Look What the Cat Dragged InLook What the Cat Dragged In

Drama201712 mins

After Christopher becomes a prisoner in his own home, the persistence of a scratchy stranger tugs him back into reality- feet first.

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Goodwill To All DogsGoodwill To All Dogs

Animation & Artists Moving Image19606 mins

An animated xmas with paper dog Snap

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Almost HumanAlmost Human

Sponsored film19433 minsSilent Location: Cambridge

Possibly the cutest and quirkiest road safety film you are ever likely to watch, featuring a purely canine cast and a grocery shopping trip.

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Street Scenes III: Raining cats and dogsStreet Scenes III: Raining cats and dogs

School programme and Educational film197516 mins Location: Wandsworth

Horses pulling beer and a police dog feature in this children’s TV series that show children what they can see in the streets around them.

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I DogI Dog

Children's19835 mins Location: South Shields

Meet a puppy dog in a “warm, hairy world” who would like you to cater for his every need.

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A Cat Is a CatA Cat Is a Cat

Animation & Artists Moving Image19719 mins

…and that is that. A playful animated meditation on our feline friends with some beautiful artwork.

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Boguy and Oger at Pen-y-ParcBoguy and Oger at Pen-y-Parc

Home movie19312 minsSilent Location: Pen-y-parc

Two playful pekineses plant themselves on a garden parapet at Pen-y-Parc, Beaumaris, Anglesey, preventing over-heating by protruding their tongues, which flap prettily.

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Auctioning Dogs for Middlesex HospitalAuctioning Dogs for Middlesex Hospital

Non-Fiction19261 minsSilent Location: Crystal Palace

Some adorable pooches go under the hammer at Crystal Palace at an auction led by local celebrity, actress Gladys Cooper, raising funds for a London hospital.

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Christmas Celebrations and the Cruel CatChristmas Celebrations and the Cruel Cat

Amateur film19694 minsSilent

It's Christmas Day and while the family enjoys their annual feast the cat is having a Christmas 'banquet' of its own.

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Parsonage Farm III – kids, cat, chick and childrenParsonage Farm III – kids, cat, chick and children

Home movie19424 minsSilent

Arnold William Pym’s entrancing shots of Parsonage Farm’s animals: goat kids encounter a cat, and a cat is fazed by a chick!

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Amateur film19626 mins Location: Moorlands

A rather different view of the world, as seen through the eyes of a poodle, as “Mimi” is taken for a walk by two ladies in their summer dresses.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image192410 minsSilent

Long before Gromit met Wallace, a silent British dog became a cartoon star

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Parsonage Farm I – cats, dogs, children and tea-timeParsonage Farm I – cats, dogs, children and tea-time

Home movie195114 minsSilent

Life at Parsonage farm includes courageous cats, cute kittens, sweet Shetland collies, appealing puppies and kids in the kitchen.

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In the KitchenIn the Kitchen

Animation & Artists Moving Image19731 mins

If you can't stand the heat, Charley, get out of the kitchen and spread your message

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£100 Reward£100 Reward

Crime19087 minsSilent

A spirited crime-busting yarn for dog lovers everywhere, as man's best friend proves his worth

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Dogs of High DegreeDogs of High Degree

Non-Fiction19221 minsSilent Location: Hammersmith and Fulham

Pekingese and daschunds – as well as a tiny puppy – are shown cavorting happily at this dog show in West London.

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Sheep DogSheep Dog

Drama-documentary193915 mins Location: Treorchy/Treorci

The Ocean Coal Co. employed not just miners but also shepherds, as evidenced here. Tom Jones of Treorchy protects the company's assets above ground with care and great skill.

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Feline ReincarnateFeline Reincarnate

Amateur film197611 mins

Driven to distraction a young man murders another, however the dead victim’s feline reincarnation wants revenge!

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Animation & Artists Moving Image19794 mins

What’s the matter, cat got your tongue? This dark, sultry cartoon encounter with a feline might leave you lost for words.

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CDF - Dog Food AdvertisementCDF - Dog Food Advertisement

Advert19641 mins

This nostalgic advert introduces all new CDF - Chicken Dog Food - for pampered pooches, puppies and their discerning owners everywhere

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The Child, Dog and PramThe Child, Dog and Pram

Non-Fiction19001 minsSilent

This Victorian girl is engrossed in her games, and no wonder, with a dog, two cats and a doll to play with

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Nantgwynfynydd Isaf Farm - cattle and beets, dog and cat, hedging and hayNantgwynfynydd Isaf Farm - cattle and beets, dog and cat, hedging and hay

Home movie196010 minsSilent Location: Oakford/Derwen Gam

A new tractor is delivered, ‘Agriquipment’ demonstrate hedging but then disaster strikes: a muddy road brings down a lorry load of hay.

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Fire Fighting Wolf HoundsFire Fighting Wolf Hounds

Non-Fiction19261 minsSilent Location: Roehampton

Bravura performance from some German Shepherds, who leap over high walls and through burning barriers at this demonstration in Roehampton.

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The Feline FunThe Feline Fun

Animation & Artists Moving Image198613 minsSilent

The shenanigans of Cuthbert-Tiggy, the mischievous kitty who enjoys a tipple. An intriguing combo of stop-motion animation and live action.

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Three Dogs in a BoatThree Dogs in a Boat

Amateur film19302 minsSilent Location: Sennen

Sink or swim as Rub and his chums are set adrift

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To the RescueTo the Rescue

Children's195221 minsSilent Location: Biddenden

An eccentric dog-loving grocer leads the chase to reclaim a stolen pedigree poodle in this madcap canine comedy

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Mummy Should KnowMummy Should Know

Animation & Artists Moving Image19731 mins

Killjoy, or conscience of a generation? Charley cat scuppers a playdate, but earns a fishy picnic through doing the right thing

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Dog Days at RichmondDog Days at Richmond

Non-Fiction19261 minsSilent Location: Richmond

Pampered hounds and proud owners on parade at a huge dog show in Richmond.

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Woman, Dog and PupsWoman, Dog and Pups

Interest film19011 minsSilent

Beautifully-preserved early film of a young girl feeding some excitable puppies

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Crufts 1962Crufts 1962

Amateur film196210 minsSilent Location: Olympia

Heads up, tails up, ears brushed? Furry frolics from London's Olympia, and a starring role for man's best friend.

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Dogs in the SurfDogs in the Surf

Non-Fiction19011 minsSilent

Victorian pooches at play

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Blackpool Outdoor Dog Show 1960Blackpool Outdoor Dog Show 1960

Amateur film196012 minsSilent Location: Blackpool

Have a doggy treat - and meet some very well groomed visitors to Blackpool.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image19731 mins

Charley's cat-astrophic teatime hijinks leave him with a burning message to share