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The Feline Fun

The shenanigans of Cuthbert-Tiggy, the mischievous kitty who enjoys a tipple. An intriguing combo of stop-motion animation and live action.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1986 13 mins Silent

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This is the second reel in the Jonamation Trilogy, Jonamation referring to filmmaker Jon Coley's mix of stop-motion animation and live-action. Coley had been working under the supervision of fantasy animation legend Ray Harryhausen to produce this film, encouraged by Harryhausen's comment "if you can do a cat in stop-motion, you can do anything".

Coley's films were often a family affair. His father produced the armatures for his puppets, and his mother was often called upon to lend a hand with camerawork. Coley was also influenced by his Uncle Tommy and his hobby of 8mm filmmaking, and it was Tommy that explained the method of stop-motion animating when he was very young. Coley is still animating and making films. Over a 40 year period he has produced over 7000 feet of original Super 8 and 16mm film footage, and featuring 100+ model figures.