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In the Kitchen

If you can't stand the heat, Charley, get out of the kitchen and spread your message

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1973 1 mins


Poor Charley cat: he suffered so we didn't have to. A public information short for adults on this subject might involve a hungry toddler by the stove, a hand reaching up, and a quick cut away to a screaming mother. Such shock tactics were avoided in this much celebrated series for young children, and the larger than life figure of Charley is the one to come closest to peril. Luckily, he is sensible enough to learn a lesson and share it.

Animator Richard Taylor, who conceived and designed the series, had worked in the industry for 20 years before the Charley films. He began his career at the innovative Larkins Studio before leaving to set up his own studio in 1965. His bold, experimental and yet often very simple design sense was perfect for public information shorts. He also produced the animation for the popular BBC children's series Crystal Tipps and Alistair (1971-74), and taught for many years at the Royal College of Art.