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Turkey and her Poults

Mrs Turkey goes on the warpath when her newly-hatched poults are threatened by the farmer and his dog

Amateur film 1945 2 mins Silent

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This amusing film from 1945 features a turkey farm in Heptonstall - where the first peacetime Christmas turkeys are being fattened for the festive table. We see the poultry farmer reaching underneath a turkey who is sitting on her newly-hatched poults. After enduring some furious pecking he pulls out the poults before being attacked again. He lets a young girl hold the young birds before putting them in a box. Meanwhile, their mother is unceremonially dumped back in her pen.

The maker of this film, Winston Robinson, was at one time, the General Transport Manager for Brighton Corporation. He was able to pursue his film-making hobby right through the Second World War and managed to capture some remarkable scenes showing the aftermath of air-raids on Brighton as well as the many Victory celebrations held throughout the town in 1945.