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Enjoy this heartwarming film about neglected horses, ponies and donkeys being re-habilitated at 'Cherry Tree Farm' in leafy Surrey

Amateur film 1970 8 mins

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This well-made amateur film, with a commentary by the Voice of Pathé News, Bob Danvers-Walker, highlights the work of an equine sanctuary located at 'Cherry Tree Farm' in Newchapel, Surrey. Here we see a variety of horses, donkeys and ponies, including a recently rescued Dartmoor pony that had gone blind, living in comfortable stables and paddocks. We also see numerous visitors petting and feeding the animals as well as signing the visitors book.

This film was shot during a single afternoon's visit to 'Cherry Tree Farm' in Newchapel, Surrey. Run by the International League for the Protection of Horses, which was founded in 1927 by Ada Coles, a tireless campaigner against the transportation of horses for slaughter on the Continent, 'Cherry Tree Farm', opened by J H Hardacre, attracted interest from visitors and the media alike. After this film was made, the BBC conducted its own visit to the sanctuary for a radio broadcast, using once again, the familiar voice of Bob Danvers-Walker. This contributed yet more publicity for both the ILPH and 'Cherry Tree Farm'.