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Tiger Cubs holiday in the South West

Tiger cubs from Chessington Zoo take a break from it all

Current affairs 1969 2 mins Silent

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Tiger cubs from Chessington Zoo find themselves on holiday in a caravan park in Bridport in Dorset to the delight of other holidaymakers. This really must have been the wild outdoors for the children in this film!

Chessington Zoo became Chessington World of Adventures in 1987 and the UK’s first theme park. The zoo houses over 1000 animals and is split into themed areas such as the Trail of the Kings, Creepy Caves and Sealion Bay. The zoo originated as an estate with the original house built in 1348, renovated and then rebuilt as the Burnt Stub. Reginald Goddard bought the estate to showcase his private collection of animals and it opened as a zoo in 1931.