Virtual Pub Crawl

Fancy a swift half? This round of Britain's drinking establishments is on us.

From city boozer to country inn, the public house has always been about more than beer and crisps. A place of friendship, festivity and (hopefully occasional) excess, the local pub is at the centre of many communities. Though the smoky fug has lifted in the modern bar, these films show that the qualities of a good night out are timeless.

If a trip to your local isn't an option, our virtual pub crawl will help recapture that uniquely clammy embrace of noise, crowds and smells that welcome the visitor on entry. Eavesdrop on the colourful nonsense of the characters propping up the bar, spectate on the local grudge matches at skittles or darts, and witness the resident entertainer prove that when it comes to performance, passion is a great substitute for polish. Please watch responsibly.

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Talent Contest (Fun Palace outtakes)Talent Contest (Fun Palace outtakes)

Amateur film196310 minsSilent Location: London

A compelling glimpse inside an unnamed East End pub in 1963 where a talent show takes place featuring singers and strippers.

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In One EndIn One End

Documentary197728 mins Location: Southwold

Real ale and folk music in the pub – performed by Fairport Convention – are celebrated in this portrait of Southwold on the Suffolk coast and the work of the Adnams brewery.

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Victorian PubVictorian Pub

News19746 mins Location: Aston

Music hall ghosts haunt the Bartons Arms pub in Birmingham; a temple to drink and a rare survivor in a city that has destroyed much of its Victorian architecture.

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Bellamy on BeerBellamy on Beer

Promotional19829 mins Location: Hartlepool

David Bellamy puts his head into hops, then into a fermenting tank, watches it mash into wort and has a pint – all grist to our engaging presenter.

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Teenage MocktailersTeenage Mocktailers

Current affairs19802 mins Location: Burnham-on-Sea

A non-alcohol-serving pub offers somewhere to go and something to do for teenagers in Burnham-on-Sea.

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Mild & Bitter: Portsmouth & PlymouthMild & Bitter: Portsmouth & Plymouth

Amateur film196315 minsSilent Location: Plymouth

A polemical film where two men in a pub compare and contrast the post-war resurrection of both Portsmouth and Plymouth after their pummelling by the Luftwaffe.

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Tour of the InnsTour of the Inns

Amateur film19386 minsSilent Location: Newark

Join this pub crawl and tread in the ghostly footsteps of innkeepers, smugglers, authors and bargemen of old.

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Pub DonkeyPub Donkey

News19754 mins Location: Gotherington

Jim is a particularly obstinate customer at the Shutter Inn at Gotherington, drinking five gallons a day from a bucket - he doesn't even pay!

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Beer-drinking BillyBeer-drinking Billy

Current affairs19671 mins Location: Frithelstock

Beer Billy

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Crooked HouseCrooked House

News19754 mins Location: Himley

The Staffordshire pub where the beer bottles roll uphill and the landlord claims, "You come in drunk and go out sober".

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Pub ClosingPub Closing

News19613 mins Location: Lyonshall

"Try and separate a country man from his beer and you're asking for trouble." A stark warning from Lyonshall in Herefordshire.

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Haunted PubHaunted Pub

News19727 mins Location: Newton Burgoland

Will the 'cold, clammy hands' of Five to Four Fred, Newton Burgoland's celebrated ghost, send shivers down Denise's spine?

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Asian Pub LandlordAsian Pub Landlord

News19682 mins Location: Newbridge

Mr Dhanjal from Wolverhampton: custodian of one of the most vital positions in any community.

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Motorway PubMotorway Pub

News19756 mins Location: Trowell

Another Campari for the road, sir? Non-alcoholic of course!

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Award-winning Salcombe bartenderAward-winning Salcombe bartender

Current affairs19755 mins Location: Salcombe

Hippy Hippy Shakes - Award-winning cocktail waiter in Salcombe

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Life and Music of Black AnnaLife and Music of Black Anna

News197310 mins Location: Norwich

Well and truly steering the helm at The Jolly Butchers pub in Ber Street, Norwich is Antoinette Hannent better known as 'Black Anna'.

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Mug House PubMug House Pub

News19592 minsSilent Location: Claines

The perfect spot for an ecclesiastical drop of sherry: the Mug House pub next door to the church at Claines.

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Pub GamesPub Games

Current affairs19701 minsSilent Location: Plymouth

Beer and Bangers are almost a recipe for disaster in this English Pub

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Heritage Over The WensumHeritage Over The Wensum

Factual TV197525 mins Location: Norwich

The Twitchells represent a new generation. Living in the very centre of Norwich, they enjoy the benefits of a pub, markets, and an underground jazz club right on their doorstep.

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Pub Entertainers (Fun Palace outtakes)Pub Entertainers (Fun Palace outtakes)

Amateur film19633 minsSilent Location: London

A drag act sings in a pub while a Pearly King watches in this short film shot in a London pub in 1963.

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Pub SkittlesPub Skittles

News19615 mins Location: Winchcombe

Far from the new-fangled 'chrome plated' American import of ten pin bowling this is Gloucestershire's traditional pub version of skittles.

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Pub CrawlPub Crawl

Lifestyle show198326 mins Location: York

Naturalist Michael Clegg indulges in the food, drink, and local legends of some of Yorkshire’s most famous public houses.

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Esperanto PubEsperanto Pub

News19744 mins Location: Smallthorne

Care for a drinko at La Verda Stelo? If so you might need a phrasebook as it's Britain's only Esperanto pub.

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Pub Crawl Record AttemptPub Crawl Record Attempt

News19726 mins Location: Swadlincote

Darrell Jones is trying to elevate the pub crawl to a competitive sport. Well, at least he's wearing his track suit!

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Whitbread Trophy 'shakespeare' 'a'Whitbread Trophy 'shakespeare' 'a'

Advert19781 minsSilent

A pint of Whitbread Trophy makes the actor Brian Glover wax lyrical about its Shakespearean properties.

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Guinness - Young BarmaidGuinness - Young Barmaid

Advert19721 mins

A lesson in pouring technique for the bottled buyer.

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Cyril Visits Lesney Farm Allotment and Pubs in ErithCyril Visits Lesney Farm Allotment and Pubs in Erith

Amateur film19822 minsSilent Location: Erith

Two classic masculine pastimes from the 1970s - allotments and pubs.

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The Pub with No NameThe Pub with No Name

Current affairs19645 mins Location: Somerset

The pub with an open door policy

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Old LondonOld London

Non-Fiction19146 minsSilent Location: Westminster

A revealing tour of London's notable buildings - some now lost for ever - which uncovers their intriguing histories.

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The Pub with no beerThe Pub with no beer

News19805 mins Location: Armagh

How can opening a pub help you resist the temptation of a drink? Meet the Armagh Pioneers to find your answer.

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Beer HouseBeer House

News19802 mins Location: Twyning

Beer and cider by the back door. Twyning in Gloucestershire says goodbye to the last of the village beer houses.

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Snails at The Miners Arms in WinscombeSnails at The Miners Arms in Winscombe

Current affairs9 mins Location: Winscombe

A slow reception for edible snails at the Miners Arms

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How beer is brewed in East AngliaHow beer is brewed in East Anglia

News196313 mins Location: Southwold

It's flat caps and fags in 60s Southwold as Bob Wellings natters with the natives to find out the secret of a good pint.

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Joules beerJoules beer

News19714 mins Location: Stone

What will the 'working man' of Stone do when their beloved Joules ale is replaced by inferior keg beers?

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Cinque Ports of BritainCinque Ports of Britain

Amateur film195944 minsSilent Location: Folkestone

An amateur travelogue featuring the Cinque Ports of Kent and Sussex featuring castles, shipping, dainty Tudor streets, a cathedral and a ride on a miniature railway.

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Guinness - Cycle Race (Version 1)Guinness - Cycle Race (Version 1)

Advert19631 mins

Ah, those were the days when competitive racing and a pint of stout went hand-in-hand.

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Guinness - PloughmanGuinness - Ploughman

Advert19771 mins

A Guinness advert emphasising its virtues as an accompaniment to a traditional ploughman’s lunch.

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What We Want Is Watney'sWhat We Want Is Watney's

Advert19591 mins

A young Michael Caine bursts on to the scene as a cheeky soldier in this delightful advert for Watney's beer.

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