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Heritage Over The Wensum

The Twitchells represent a new generation. Living in the very centre of Norwich, they enjoy the benefits of a pub, markets, and an underground jazz club right on their doorstep.

Factual TV 1975 25 mins

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In Norwich, the Colegate and Magdalen Street areas north of the city very much hold the affection of those who live, work, or shop there. The area has over the years seen changes, with those habiting houses in the small yards and alleyways leaving for the suburbs and the great red brick Georgian buildings once shoe factories no longer the site of industry. In 1975, an architectural heritage scheme, “Heritage over the Wensum”, hopes to restore and rejuvenate city dwelling.

Anglia Television follow the lifestyle of The Twitchells, a young couple that represent a new generation, who benefit from living in the very heart of the city with nearby local markets and the ‘Jacquard Club’, an underground jazz club.